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Ripe vs. slightly green bananas

I've noticed that my daughter, my girlfriends at work, and I love to eat slighty green bananas while my husband, dad, and a couple of other guys like to eat theirs ripe. Is this a widespread phenomenon, or is my sampling just too small? Just curious.

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  1. well, I am female (I think that's what you're getting at, a gender division) and I prefer my bananas ripe - no green, can't stand the taste and texture when they are underripe.

    1. female here too, I'm not into green bananas, but I also cannot stand overripe bananas, especially how they smell. I like my bananas bright yellow - any hint of brown is gross.

      1. Female.

        I prefer them a little under-ripe - firm, and not overly sweet.

        1. I am also of the female gender and definitly perfer my 'nanas a little under ripe. A ripe banana makes me gag. Not kidding.

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            Me too, and how. Ripe bananas are gnarly and I will only eat them in banana bread.

          2. I'm female, and I prefer ripe bananas--not to the banana bread stage, but I don't mind a few freckles. I don't like green(ish) bananas at all.

            1. I like my bananas still slightly green, and all my fruit on the hard side.

              Husband likes his bananas with lots of freckles, and all his fruit pretty ripe.

              1. Female - my bananas must be very yellow with lots of brown speckles. If there's any green, even just a hint around the stem, the banana makes my teeth hurt (and it's not very sweet, either).


                1. It depends really on my mood -- if I want really sweet then i do not mind a bit overripe although I like them slightly starchy in light green phase though as equally as much.

                  My favorite way to eat bannanas though is actually to nuke them till hot and eat with fork and knife. Tastes like ersatz bannanas foster.

                  1. i only eat bananas when they're slightly green, my husband on the other hand, will eat a banana (or anything else for that matter) any way any time any how....as long as its food

                    1. I like them when they're just barely past the green stage; hints of green are okay. My husband won't eat them at all. He says "the only good banana is a dead banana."

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                        I am with ur husband...lol. I hate bananas.

                      2. I'm male and AFAIC, there's only a short window of banana edibility after they've gone mostly, but not entirely, yellow.

                        Too green and they're just starchy and produce a weird pasty texture in your mouth; too ripe and they get too sweet and generally cloyingly unpleasant, similar to the smell of artificial banana flavoring. Probably for that reason I loathe banana bread and muffins, and even the smell of them baking can actually make me a bit momentarily queasy.

                        I haven't actually eat that many bananas as an adult, but when I was a kid, I was the only one in my family who felt this way, so not a gender issue here. As with other smell/taste reactions, there may well be a biological basis for it, but it doesn't appear to be gender-linked. ;)

                        1. Thanks for the responses - my hubby thinks eating slightly green bananas is weird, and I'm glad to see it's a bit more common that we thought.

                          1. female here and underipe only. My hubby - eats them very yello with the speckles, where I would make banana bread or pudding with them.

                            1. I'm a female and I also like my bananas a touch green...I also happen to like my mangoes that way too (mmm firm and tart).

                              1. I'm female and cannot abide an overripe banana. I prefer mine bananas with a slight green tinge.

                                1. GREEN!!!!!!
                                  Yay! I'm not alone.

                                  1. Anything but green--up to the point of compost, well. . .almost.

                                    Any other fruit--crunchy. Especially nectarines.

                                    1. male. when i was a kid i would only eat greenish bananas. i liked them because they were tart. i like sweet, ripe bananas just fine, but i still prefer slightly starchy, tart, green-tinted bananas. but then i used to eat whole lemons, and i like sour mandarins and pomegranates.

                                      1. Male, and I like my bananas just slightly green. Too yellow and they're too mushy and sweet.

                                        1. Male and I like an under-ripe banana. Peel must still have green on it. Once the black spots appear it’s time for banana bread.

                                          1. Male, and I'm approaching the age bracket that is advised not to buy green bananas.

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                                              There is an advisory? (Seems like today is "Gender Declaration Day", eh Veggo? ;-)

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                                                Back to the ill-advised green banana purchases...is there really an advisory or am I missing the punchline?

                                                1. re: cuccubear

                                                  It was a Henny Youngman joke - if you are old and buy green bananas, you may not live long enough to enjoy them.
                                                  EDIT: Like my gender post that was just deleted.

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                                                    I sheepishly admit I'm a little young for Henny Youngman, but I get it.

                                              2. This is hilarious. Female, and slightly on the green side of ripe. My dad will eat them until they are almost all black, but also won't go near them until they are "properly freckled" (plenty brown).

                                                1. Female, and I like them slightly underripe, with still a hint of green on the peel. My boss, also female, would rather wait until the peel is nearly black!

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                                                    Ugh, that is SO gross. <shiver> It's like a well done steak - ew.

                                                  2. Another female vote for slightly underripe. Maybe a beauty mark or two, but no freckles.
                                                    I seldom buy them since my window of ripeness is so short. What's not ready in the morning may be past peak by evening. It seems to me that the red-skinned bananas are more forgiving - they seem to retain firm moistness yet remain sweet-tart better than yellow ones do. I once saw a Victory Garden feature on a California specialty banana grower - so many different possible varieties, akin to heirloom tomatoes, that, sadly, can't be had in American supermarkets!

                                                    1. I want mine ripe, my husband prefers them a little green. If they get too ripe they go in muffins, bread or get frozen for smoothies.

                                                      1. This woman says NO to slightly green bananas. Just ripe to slightly speckled are fine by me. (By the time the speckles are merging, it's cook or bake time.)

                                                        1. Sorting through catalogues to recycle today and came across this...

                                                          1. I love the ripe bananas and my DH will only eat green bananas.

                                                            1. Um, I'm female and I like them ripe, like yellow with several brown spots! I can't eat them any other way. My parents are like this too.

                                                              I am unable to buy a lot of bananas usually...

                                                              1. female
                                                                I like my narners very slightly under-ripe - over-ripe are the worst.