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New pizza place on Court St - Layla Jones

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I think it's called Layla Jones anyway, something like that....its next to Staubitz, replacing an old pizza joint.

Picked up their menu over the weekend and tried it for delivery last night. We really enjoyed. Not what I consider your typical NY pizza. It was a thin and crispy square sicilian which we had with carmelized onions and sweet italian sausage. Tasty crust, and loved the unusual selection of toppings. I think the onions could have been a little bit more carmalized, but thats about my only nitpicky complaint. The pizza wasnt overwhelmed with cheese (coin sized slices of fresh buffalo mozz) nor the sauce (which was tasty and thick)--just a nice balance of toppings.

They do personal sized pizzas too and paninis. Will definitely add it to our list of delivery locals.

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  1. I second the recommendation. I've had three different slices (plain, artichoke [highly recommended], and vegetable) and all were tasty, not greasy, and appealingly crisp. It's a tiny place, with about 4 tables quite close to oven and cash register. But it's quite friendly and a definite step up from your "typical" NY neighborhood pizza joint.

    1. What are the slice prices, and are they open at lunchtime?

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        $2.00 a slice. $2.50 w/topping. According to the menu they are open from 11 am to 11pm.

      2. I didn't find it on superpages.com. What's the cross street?

        1. I tried the grilled chicken press with goat cheese, arugala, and sun dried tomatoes. Well, they used peeled roma tomatoes instead. But it was a nice sandwich. I'll definitely order from them again.

          1. They seem to only be open for dinner now (5-10). It's between Baltic and Warren on Court (west side of the street, next to Community Bookstore).

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              Bummer. Lunch would be more helpful to me. But if the place is really good, maybe it would be worth going for dinner one night.

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                definitely open for lunch now. just a limited schedule for the first few days of business.

              2. got a pie last night with sausage and onion. although the onions and sausage were better than average, the pizza was most definitely not. it reminded me of the crappy, supercheap sheet pizzas we used to get at Pudgie's while in college. the crust, while thin, had a tasteless, cardboard like consistency. the sauce equally lacked flavor and was glopped about the pizza rather than spread out. the cheese was passable. will stick to World Pie for delivery and Lucali's when feeling motivated.

                1. My husband and I tried this Thursday night this week. I didnt even think of trying the pizza guys.

                  Anyway we got pasta take out, the pappardelle and the spaghettini. Both wonderful, tasty, filling better than most places pasta. The place was clean, the staff was pleasant and the service was quick.

                  If I am going to have pizza we will stick to Lucali's and World pie as well.

                  1. Okay, what's a World Pie, and do they deliver all over Cobble Hill? I'm intrigued now.

                    Anyway, we had a second pizza at Layla Jones and while the toppings we chose were a little heavier this time (meatball, roasted red pepper, onions), it was still very good. The spread of the toppings over the pizza wasnt as even as I'd have liked but that was the only complaint.

                    I havent been to Lucali's yet, havent had time to drive over there (not quite walking distance) but from what I know of it and the pictures I've seen, its an entirely different style of pizza, so why bother to compare? I dont think Layla Jones has aspirations to vie for best pizza in brooklyn by any stretch. But its very tasty nonetheless. And they deliver ;)

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                      World Pie is on Court and 1st St, and I'm sure they deliver to Cobble Hill. It is consistently an above average delivery pie, nothing more. Have tried most delivery places in the hood and have found them to be the most reliable; as such, it's our standard. That said, Lucali's is in a different league and well worth the trip.

                    2. didn't the times discuss lucali's a few weeks back, and said the slices were just ok???

                      was the reviewer just being harsh, and comparing it to giants like difara's and patsy's on 1st or is just good for the neihgorhood and also what are the prices? can you get a slice or is this a whole pie only joint?/

                      1. I dont think they do slices. I think we are lucky they allow takeout. My husband and I went (lucali's) last wednesday. It's a very light pie we at the whole thing in under ten minites. Again it was a light pie. It was lovely and we were craving it days after. One complaint - it needed a wee bit of salt and had they not just run out of anchoivies it would have all been fine.

                        1. Lucali has been extensively discussed on the board, inc. the Times review:


                          1. We tried this out tonight and were totally satisfied. We ordered two toppings: meatball and prosciutto. The prosciutto dried out a bit, but the pie was otherwise delicious. I also got the chopped salad which was great. We'll be trying the pasta and sandwiches next.

                            1. Very pleased with our delivery from Layla Jones last night - a sausage and basil pie and a cesar salad. It's great to have a delivery option besides My Little.

                              1. We had a pretty unfortunate pizza from Layla Jones. We got it delivered so maybe that had something to do with it. But the crust was pure rubber. The cheese was burnt. It arrived cold. The sauce was tasty but I can't believe we paid $16 for a pizza that basically tasted worse than frozen...

                                1. I've had slices from Layla Jones every week for about a month now. They're crispy and flavorful (almost like pita bread pizza). However, I would definitely avoid take-out or delivery of whole pies. I brought one home a few nights ago (I live only a few minutes away) and even though I saw it come fresh from the oven, the whole thing was a soggy mess that was almost on the low level of Sbarro's. Don't know what happened--maybe it steams too much in the box and turns to mush.

                                  1. So far I've only had delivery, maybe 4 pies now, and never had a problem.....the time I picked up the menu I looked in and it didnt look like a very appealing place to eat, so havent really had the desire to dine 'in.

                                    1. We did well when I went there and got take out. But when we ordered last my pizza was burnt to a carinogenic crisp. I cant believe they sent it to me that way. I didnt even bother to complain I should have just taken my own advice and not ordered the pizza. My husbands spaghetti and meatballs in his words tasted like Chef BoyRdee. We only ordered these items because they didnt have the items I had previoulsy picked up and brought home. They said they were taking shrimp off the menu. We might try them again in the far off future.

                                      1. Ordered a pie, a press & a salad for a little Globes gathering last night. The pizza was indeed lukewarm and soggy, but I could tell that it has potential. I was too hungry to heat up, so ate it cold. The toppings were good (meatball, sausage, peppers) and I like the sauce. I didn't really like the crust so much, but that may be because it was cold. I was expecting a round pie for some reason, and it was square. The press was ok, and I was digging the ceasar salad. I wasn't blown away, but I'm looking forward to reheating for leftovers tonight.