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Dec 6, 2006 08:02 PM

New pizza place on Court St - Layla Jones

I think it's called Layla Jones anyway, something like that....its next to Staubitz, replacing an old pizza joint.

Picked up their menu over the weekend and tried it for delivery last night. We really enjoyed. Not what I consider your typical NY pizza. It was a thin and crispy square sicilian which we had with carmelized onions and sweet italian sausage. Tasty crust, and loved the unusual selection of toppings. I think the onions could have been a little bit more carmalized, but thats about my only nitpicky complaint. The pizza wasnt overwhelmed with cheese (coin sized slices of fresh buffalo mozz) nor the sauce (which was tasty and thick)--just a nice balance of toppings.

They do personal sized pizzas too and paninis. Will definitely add it to our list of delivery locals.

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  1. I second the recommendation. I've had three different slices (plain, artichoke [highly recommended], and vegetable) and all were tasty, not greasy, and appealingly crisp. It's a tiny place, with about 4 tables quite close to oven and cash register. But it's quite friendly and a definite step up from your "typical" NY neighborhood pizza joint.

    1. What are the slice prices, and are they open at lunchtime?

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        $2.00 a slice. $2.50 w/topping. According to the menu they are open from 11 am to 11pm.

      2. I didn't find it on What's the cross street?

        1. I tried the grilled chicken press with goat cheese, arugala, and sun dried tomatoes. Well, they used peeled roma tomatoes instead. But it was a nice sandwich. I'll definitely order from them again.

          1. They seem to only be open for dinner now (5-10). It's between Baltic and Warren on Court (west side of the street, next to Community Bookstore).

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              Bummer. Lunch would be more helpful to me. But if the place is really good, maybe it would be worth going for dinner one night.

              1. re: BGRose

                definitely open for lunch now. just a limited schedule for the first few days of business.