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Dec 6, 2006 07:52 PM

Hannukah food at Brent's in Northridge

I'd like to go there for the pre-hannukah treats of some latkes, doughnuts (forgive me, I can never spell it) kreplach, matzoh ball soup and such.

Are these dishes better at Brent's, Art's or (ugh) jerry's?

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  1. The Kreplach & Matza Ball soup are the best at BRENT'S as well as their Cabbage soup & beef and barley soup, you cant get much better for jewish delicasies.


    1. You might also give Weiler's deli a try. (Balboa and Nordhoff, maybe? someplace around there). Doesn't hit the heights that Brent's does, but it's still a mighty fine deli, without the wait.

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        If you're hitting a Weilers make it the location on Victory in Woodland Hills.. They have the best soup in the valley. We used to get jelly donuts from Krispy Creme, but since they've bailed from the Valley there are so many other great mom n pop places to try. Also try gelsons on Van Nuys for a great selection of latkes, kugel and other yummy items.

      2. Try one of the bakeries on Fairfax for sufganiyot (jelly donuts). They are a Sephardic treat and would not usually be found in a traditional Ashkenazi place like Brent's. that's a different story!

        1. Anything I shouldn't miss at Brent's?

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            I love their Black Pastrami (on a sky high!)

          2. I've always found the latkes at Brent's to be superb. However, the last time I was there, in September, the batter was slightly different from usual, and not as good. I don't have any reason to think this is a trend (only experiencing that batter once), so I would get their potato pancakes -- the best I've ever had.

            The latkes at Jerry's are horrible. I find Art's to be extremely over-rated.

            Wow, I wish I could go to Brent's right now ...