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Dec 6, 2006 07:15 PM

Food & Wine Festivals

How do you get informed on what events are coming up in the future.? I keep finiding out about events after they have happened.

Is there any place online that has a well layed out events calendar with the hottest "do-not-miss" events of the year?

I am speaking especially of (Southern) California.


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  1. I like the following web page as it is very detailed about each area. It is much more than festivals. The link below is San Luis Obispo, but you can go to the map and select other areas. When you go to a specific page the events at the top are special events, scroll down to see ongoing events.

        1. For Santa Barbara County

          good for local events

          Santa Barbara County Wine Events

          City events

          My favorite for Fall and Winter Events! Crazy Pumpkin Patch List!

          I like for country wide, though local events come up by zip codes.