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Dec 6, 2006 07:13 PM

Food & Wine Festivals

How do you get informed on what events are coming up in the future.? I keep finiding out about events after they have happened.

Is there any place online that has a well layed out events calendar with the hottest "do-not-miss" events of the year?

I am speaking especially of (Southern) California.


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  1. The Wednesday food sections of most major newspapers mention upcoming food events. Saveur magazine lists national and international events in each issue.

    1. All the wine periodicals have a section in the back noting the schedule of benefit auctions. Other events such as F&W or W&S mags tasting events are normally advertised in their publications. Check with your favourite local wine merchant, they normally are aware of wine events in their area since it could possibly affect wine sales. Have you tried Google? Load of info there, too.