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Dec 6, 2006 07:07 PM

New Psistaria on 30th Ave in Astoria

Has anyone been in there yet? I believe the name is Day and Night and it's on the corner of 34th Street and 30th Ave right across from Go Wasabi.

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  1. went a few days after it opened. actually we drove past it and had no intentions on going but went because place was packed.
    My findings:
    Decor and look is really nice
    Food is just O.K. I felt the menu didn't match the decor. what do I mean? Food is greek tavern style and decor does not resemble a "taverna" at all.
    ordered the calamari, the dip plate, octupus and saganaki (fried greek cheese).
    Eventhough it is new i felt that the oil the calamari was cooked in tasted old
    the octupus was good and saganaki was fine
    the dip plate was taramasolata (no taste), tzatziki (O.K.)and eggplant side (really good)

    So is it worth a visit?? not for the price.... was a little steep for that type of food. However, the price sort of fit the decor!
    P.S. They offer you the fried dumplings (loukoumades)on the house. SKIP IT they taste like refried oil balls
    Don't think I'll be going again