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Dec 6, 2006 06:48 PM

Woodfire Grill ATL (first visit coming up)

My much anticipated first visit to Woodfire Grill is this weekend.
I know the menu changes frequently if not daily. Besides that, are there any not-to-be-missed menu items that are always there?
I've heard so much mixed about this place, I'm looking forward to making my own assessment.

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  1. I have enjoyed the wood-roasted chicken (served with frites last time I had it.) Also, I had a ceder-planked salmon dish that was quite good at Woodfire. In terms of the appetizers, it is fun to try the olive oil tasting.

    I happen to really like Woodfire Grill. Along with Watershed, Sotto Sotto, and just a few others, it is the type of restaurant I wish our city had more of: good food, a solid wine list, reasonable prices (considering the quality), and a cozy atmosphere that is not trying to be a "scene."

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      I have not been there is over a year, but it used to be a favorite. We were probably there once a month for a while, but burned out on it.

      In general, the food there is great. Fresh ingredients, simply prepared. We're actually going back Saturday for my b-day to see if it still has the touch.

    2. The menu changes daily, but some items are pretty much always available, including the fritto misto and the peekytoe crab appetizer, and roast chicken. Lately he's been offering a four course vegetable prix fixe which is great if you really like vegetables (which I do).

      I ate there Monday night and had a scallop crudo appetizer followed by duck with jerusalem artichokes followed by cookies (which is an enormous plate of cookies that you'll be able to share with everybody at the table).