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Cheesesteak near Independence Hall

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I'm bringing my kids to Philly this Saturday, but won't have time around lunch to take them to South Philly. There's a strong demand for cheesesteak, and wanted recommendations for the best, most authentic spot near Independence Hall. Thanks

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  1. I would take them to Reading Terminal Market. In addition to cheesesteaks, they can get many other typical Philly things (Amish food, soft pretzels, Termini's Italian Pastries).

    1. Nothing spectacular in that area- best bets are Campo's or Sonny's on Market Street (200/300 block) or if you feel like a fifteen minute walk or so, Jim's on South Street.

      1. I concur with the previous replies but really recommend Jim's on the corner of South and 4th Streets. It is a 10 - 15 minute walk from Independence Hall, but not only are the cheesesteaks some of the best in Philly, you will walk through Society Hill and some of the most historic and scenic parts of the city in order to get there. If you are extremely pressed for time, the short cab ride is probably worth it.

        1. Not far from Jim's and a much better cheesesteak, imho, than Jim's or Sonny's, is Gianna's, on 6th Street just south of Lombard. About a 10 minute walk from Independence Hall. And you didn't say how old your kids are, but if any are teens and you have any time at all, you will then be just a block above South Street which teens generally love.

          1. I'd pass on Jim's unless you like dry, gristly meat. I think Rick's at the Reading Terminal is much better, but I'd still go for roast pork myself.

            1. The roast pork by the way is at Di Nic's also at the Reading Terminal and it is great. In terms of steaks at the terminal, while I have never been to Rick's, the reviews I have read are less than stellar. If a steak is a must, I think I would pass on Rick's in favor of some of the other places mentioned.

              1. I'd agree with the Jim's rec. Rick's would not be an option for me. If you don't want to walk as far as Jim's I would then give either Sonny's or Campo's a shot, you mentioned you would be short on time and if this is the case these two are closer than Jim's. If your kids are in thier teens South Street is a good place for them and Jim's is dead in the middle of that action. The most popular parts run from 2nd to 5th on South.
                PS. Depending who you talk to an authentic steak usually would constitute a wiz wit. Cheese whiz with fried onions. I find Jims to be the best for this variety.

                1. Everyone has an opinion on cheesesteaks.... that's why there is chocolate and vanilla. FWIW
                  Jim - yes
                  Ricks - no
                  Pats and Genos - NO
                  Better bet - go to reading terminal for a roast pork with greens at DiNics, a soft pretzel and some ice cream.

                  1. Go to the Reading Terminal Market, send the kids to Rick's for OK cheesesteaks, while you break away to DiNics for the REAL Philly sandwich, a roast pork Italian (succulent roast pork, sharp provolone, and greens on a fresh crusty roll). You won't regret it.

                    1. For cheesesteaks, definitely Sonny's, on Market between 2nd and 3rd. One of the best, I think, not to mention the closest to Independence Hall. My favorite is American with fried onions, but Whiz is good, too.