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Dec 6, 2006 06:31 PM

Desparately seeking 2 items: Aztec Chocolate Kettle Chips & Soyrizo

Actually I'm more desparate about the chips. I've been activly looking for them since reading this post on the general board, but so far no dice. It won't help too much to know places that have a lot of varieties of Kettle Chips ... lots of places I looked had big selections ... but no chocolate.

Given my recent chorizo crawl, I'm interested in giving Soyrizo a meatless soy chorizo. This can be market or restaurant. So far I know Papalote has soyrizo burritos and tacos. I can go either way with this, making it at home or from a restaurant. It just will be the first place I happen to be when I spot it. There was a good recipe out there for a Sweet potato & soyrizo taco that is appealing to me.

Anyone tried soyrizo. It seems to get nothing but positive mentions on the web. Not interested in mail-ordering either. The Chron on Soyrizo.

More on Soyrizo with a semi-scary ingrediant list, but nothing to compare with El Mexicano.

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  1. I was on the lookout for the BBQ Wing & Blue Cheese Kettle chips after I had them in Folsom, CA. What I discovered is that those chips are usually distributed in test markets and Sacramento is one of the biggest test markets in the U.S. I ended up finding a big bag at Costco in SF one day after about 2 months of searching in many SF stores.

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    1. re: Mari

      The Buffalo Bleu chips are sold at Harvest Urban Market (8th and Howard) as well as Le Beau Market (Clay & Leavenworth). Surely they're in other places too, but those are two places I frequent.

      1. re: Mari

        I just saw the Buffalo blue cheese chips yesterday in the Walgreen's at Mission and New Montgomery

        1. re: Leadbelly

          Glad to hear that - I recall going to that Walgreen's and getting the Thai flavor since that was the only new flavor they had.

      2. I think you have to order those "beta" chips online. I don't think they're available in stores at all.

        Have you checked Rainbow Grocery (SF, Folsom St.) for Soyrizo?

        I found a mention on Yelp that Papalote serves something with Soyrizo in it.

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        1. re: Atomica

          This is correct... the Aztec Chocolate, along with the Island Jerk, Dragon 5 Spice, Twisted Chili Lime, and Royal Indian Curry are the current "Beta" flavors, and have to be ordered online. Cost is about $20 for all 5 bags, and a sample world music CD.

          (By the by, my favorite was the Royal Indian Curry. I wasn't too impressed with the Aztec Chocolate.)

        2. I have seen Soyrizo at Safeway (Oakland/Rockridge). They have it at Berkeley Bowl, Yasai (Rockridge) and I would imagine at most Whole Foods.

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          1. re: mochimunchie

            They have it in most safeways in the fridge area in the produce section, where they typically have the chilled dressings, wonton wrappers, kimchee and some tofu products. Why they don't put the soy meats out by the real meats is hard to figure out, but typically that is where I have seen it. As a disclaimer, however, the one time I tried to cook with soyrizo, I gave up and went chorizo-flavor free.

            1. re: Meredith

              I'm with you. For example, why does cheese have to be in THREE places in the grocery store?

              1. re: Meredith

                Thanks all ... hmmm ... maybe I'll just go with getting a burrito rather than buying it for home use.

                1. re: rworange

                  In addition to your soyrizo burrito from papalote I believe Boogaloo also has soyrizo and eggs.

                  1. re: rworange

                    The Monterey Market has it, too. I like in in a breakfast burrito with scrambled egg.

                  2. re: Meredith

                    I remember a manager in Diamodn Heights telling me they don't put it with the other meats because it's offensive to strict vegetarians who would prefer not to pick through "dead flesh" to get to their protein. Also, if you're looking to capture vegetarian browsers with a new product, the produce section would be a better bet. Not many will seek out the meat aisle.

                2. Mariachi's on Valencia at 15th has soyrizo burritos. I've bought soyrizo at Whole Foods and also at some random grocery store on Divisadero near the Independent (can't remember the name, but there's a pet supply store attached to it and run by the same owner).

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                  1. re: mchan02

                    Health Haven
                    621 Divisadero St
                    San Francisco, CA 94117
                    (415) 351-2468

                    The owners are very community-friendly. They even distribute our NOPNA neighborhood newsletters.

                  2. So has anyone tried Soyrizo?

                    From the Chron write-up it sounds like the reviewer used it mostly to spice stuff like breakfast burritos which really isn't a substitute in my book, more of a flavoring/masking.

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                    1. re: ML8000

                      It does tend to disappear in a dish, so I'd say it is more of a flavoring. I like it but I wouldn't call it a substitute for the real thing.

                      1. re: ML8000

                        I've tried it. It definitely has its uses but if you're a regular chorizo-eater, you're not going to consider it as a substitute for the real thing.

                        I use it in one of my favorite diet foods; beans + soyrizo + salsa + random fridge items = a healthy dip for afternoon snacktime or with eggs & a tortilla a good breakfast burrito.

                        1. re: larochelle

                          Just saw soyrizo at Albertson's yesterday too.