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Dish pairing shrimp and potatoes?

I know about shrimp with rice, and shrimp with pasta, but OTHER THAN deep fried shrimp and French fries--are there any nice main dish meals pairing shrimp with potatoes? Thank you!

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  1. This may be kind of off the wall, but I would toss boiled Irish potatoes (cut in half) and shrimp together with lots of melted butter and maybe some fresh dill or parsley.

    1. Twice baked shrimp potatoes........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      1. Shrimp and potato salad? Fritatta? Shrimp in an Italian-style tomato sauce over mashed potatoes, instead of polenta?

        1. Shrimp potato cakes would be lovely. Peel and cook the spuds, render the shrimp unto centimeter sized cubes, mix with panko, a egg, dried mustard, dash of worchestershire, smidge of hot sauce or red pepper, perhaps a tad bit of Old Bay, lemon juice, coat with more panko and saute. Bit of mayo if you need more binder. Probably calls for a nice sauce to accent.....

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            Funny- I had leftover shrimp and mashed pototoes from Thanksgiving. We were watching the football games that weekend, andI made shrimp potato cakes. I made them almost as you described above ( I left out the hot sauce andOld Bay and only used the egg yolk) and added a bit of tarragon. They were delicious.

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              Ohhh, thank you for that vicarious pleasure.

          2. Shrimp curry with potatoes and peas.

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              This would be great in a Frittata as well.

            2. Several traditional cajun dishes combine shrimp & potatoes...you can have a roux-based brown shrimp stew with chunks of potatoes in it, or you can cook a fricot...no roux, just chunked potatoes & aromatics cooked very very slowly with just a little water added at a time until the potato starch works its way out of the potatoes & thickens it, then you add fresh shrimp & cook until done.

                1. Uglesich's in New Orleans made a dish that was like shrimp creole with new potatoes in it. I don't remember the name or the recipe, but I'd guess that they sauteed the potatoes in oil or bacon drippings along with onions, celery, tomatoes and seasonings adding the shrimp at the end. I do remember that it was good.

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                    Here is a link to the recipe for the Shrimp Uggie. I was shocked to learn how much oil they used. I followed the recipe exactly, but feel that it will taste better with half the oil.


                  2. I grew up in New Orleans and we ate Shrimp Stew, made with potatoes, in the winter when bell peppers and tomatoes were expensive or not easily available. Even in the summer, poor families ate this because it was cheaper than Shrimp Creole.
                    My father's family in the country ate Shrimp Stew made with river shrimp.
                    As Hungry Celeste says, you don't need a roux because of the starch in the potatoes. The New Orleans family's version used a little tomato paste
                    Now I just make it as a different dish since I have peppers and tomatoes year round. I make stock with the shrimp shells for extra flavor. Heads are a major bonus.

                    1. I just made the linked recipe for Shrimp Chowder and it was excellent. The sherry and the shrimp stock really make the dish.


                      1. The potatos are a bit player in here, but they do serve an indispensible role.

                        *make standard quenelles (the usual eggwhite, cold butter mousse routine) spiced with just a touch of salt and white pepper and nutmeg.

                        *Prepare a rich creamless bisque/sieved puree made from the shrimp shells, shallot, tomato, and spiced with paprika and bay.

                        *Prepare potatoes diced very tiny |<->| that have been shallow fried in marjoram laden duck fat until very crisp and aromatic, but not burnt.

                        *Pile a small helping of tender frisse lettuces into the serving bowl, pour in some of the warmed bisque, float two shrimp mousse quenelles on top and then garnish with a sprinking of the crispy potatos. Drizzle with olive oil and enjoy!

                        What I really like about this dish is the contrasts in texture with the spongy quenelles, the unctuous bisque, the cracklin potatos and the spidery crispness of the frisse. Teh flavors should come off together as well. The key is to not oversalt the bisque. The slightly mediterrenian tomatoey bisque warms you and acts like a background setting for the ephemeral shrimpness of the buttery quenelles. The frisse cuts through and breaks up the dish, and the marjoram/duck fat potatoes really add a layer of aromatic complexity thats unbeatable. Try not to eat them all before its time to garnish!

                        Oh, btw... I made this dish originally with duck skin cracklin or tiny lardons instead of potatoes, but I never have enough animal skin on hand so the potatoes have proven to be a welcome substitution. I even like it better this way!

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                        1. 1/4 Cup Butter 6 Cups Milk
                          4 Onions (peeled&chopped) 2 Cups Shredded Sharp Cheese
                          6 Potatoes(peeled & cubed) 2#Shrimp(shelled & deveined)
                          1 Cup Hot Water Parsley for Garnish
                          Tsp Salt
                          1/2 Tsp White Pepper

                          In a lge Dutch oven over med.heat melt the butter, add the onions to the heated butter and cook until tender. Add the water,potatoes,salt & pepper.Reduce heat to low cover and simmer till potatoes are tender(@ 15 mins).
                          Meanwhile in sauce pan over low heat, heat the milk and cheese until the cheese has melted, stir often. DO NOT BOIL
                          Add shrimp to the potatoes and cook until pink and tender, 3-5 minutes,add the cheese mixture and heat...DO NOT BOIL

                          1. Boil small red potaoes in large pan of water with crab boil seasoning. when potatoes are done add shrimp

                            1. I can never bring myself to use the full amount of butter, but Shrimp Clemenceau is a New Orleans classic, and using even half the amount tastes pretty decadent to me!:


                              1. I would look to the Scandanavian cooks for this combo.

                                1. When we were first going out, Mr Dolce brought over dinner one night - from this Portuguese restaurant (in NJ) - I forget what he called it, but it had hunks of pork, shrimp, crispy potatoes, peppers... possibly chorizo... it was so amazingly good.

                                  1. Try dicing the potatoes and add to hot skillet of frying shrimp, cubed steak, cubed chicken, onions, green peppers/jalapenos, and stir into your favorite, (or store bought), fajita mix. Extra treat for the tortillas. Serve with favorite cerveza !!

                                    1. I'd roast them. Stick the cut-up red or yellow potatoes on a half-sheet pan, like Ina, with salt, pepper, EVOO. Maybe an herb in the oven, unless you want basil or dill, which you can toss in after it comes out of the oven (I prefer adding after). Anyway, after 20-25 minutes (depends on your oven), mix some peeled, deveined shrimp, which you have pre-tossed with EVOO, garlic, lemon juice, S&P, and put them in the oven. Depending on how much you're making, you can use the same sheet pan for the shrimp. I like to put the shrimp right on the potatoes. Oh, and put parchment on the pan. I keep the oven @ 350. The shrimp may be done in as little as 5 minutes, so stay alert.

                                      You can really use any kind of baking dish.

                                      I've liked this with basil, cilantro or dill, all going in after the shrimp and potatoes come out of the oven.

                                      Feel free to add more lemon juice and EVOO, too.

                                      If you roast, peel, and seed red pepper(s), that's a nice bit of color. It'll also look good with lemon slices.

                                      Let me know if anything doesn't make sense. I'm horrible at writing out recipes.