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Dec 6, 2006 06:19 PM

Dish pairing shrimp and potatoes?

I know about shrimp with rice, and shrimp with pasta, but OTHER THAN deep fried shrimp and French fries--are there any nice main dish meals pairing shrimp with potatoes? Thank you!

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  1. This may be kind of off the wall, but I would toss boiled Irish potatoes (cut in half) and shrimp together with lots of melted butter and maybe some fresh dill or parsley.

    1. Twice baked shrimp potatoes........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      1. Shrimp and potato salad? Fritatta? Shrimp in an Italian-style tomato sauce over mashed potatoes, instead of polenta?

        1. Shrimp potato cakes would be lovely. Peel and cook the spuds, render the shrimp unto centimeter sized cubes, mix with panko, a egg, dried mustard, dash of worchestershire, smidge of hot sauce or red pepper, perhaps a tad bit of Old Bay, lemon juice, coat with more panko and saute. Bit of mayo if you need more binder. Probably calls for a nice sauce to accent.....

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            Funny- I had leftover shrimp and mashed pototoes from Thanksgiving. We were watching the football games that weekend, andI made shrimp potato cakes. I made them almost as you described above ( I left out the hot sauce andOld Bay and only used the egg yolk) and added a bit of tarragon. They were delicious.

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              Ohhh, thank you for that vicarious pleasure.

          2. Shrimp curry with potatoes and peas.

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              This would be great in a Frittata as well.