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Dec 6, 2006 06:14 PM

No-knead bread in a Lodge Dutch Oven?

Has anyone made this bread in a Lodge? Seems that most are using an enameled pot like Le Creuset and I'm a bit worried about the dough sticking to the cast iron. Should I oil it first (dough or pan?)? Thanks-- this is my first loaf and I want it to turn out well!

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  1. It shouldn't be a problem in even an unseasoned cast iron pot.

    1. This thread has positive comments about using a lodge dutch oven.

      There are others too if you search the site for "lodge dutch oven no knead bread"

      1. I have made several loaves of this bread in a Lodge cast iron chicken fryer. It IS well seasoned, meaning it has been oiled and cooked in enough to have a smooth non-stick surface. The bottom is about 7 inches across, and it's about 3 inches deep. (3 quart) The lid is domed. Could not be happier with the bread I've made.

        1. I've done it twice in the smaller size of Lodge dutch oven and I've been entirely happy with it.

          1. I bought a lodge cast iron dutch oven just last week for the specific purpose of making this bread (BTW Amazon for 29.99 free shipping) I felt that the high pre-heat period probably wasn't doing my Le Creuset any long term good. It's the preseasoned 4 qt one, and it worked perfectly. No oiling, absolutely no sticking.