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No-knead bread in a Lodge Dutch Oven?

Has anyone made this bread in a Lodge? Seems that most are using an enameled pot like Le Creuset and I'm a bit worried about the dough sticking to the cast iron. Should I oil it first (dough or pan?)? Thanks-- this is my first loaf and I want it to turn out well!

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  1. It shouldn't be a problem in even an unseasoned cast iron pot.

    1. This thread has positive comments about using a lodge dutch oven.


      There are others too if you search the site for "lodge dutch oven no knead bread"

      1. I have made several loaves of this bread in a Lodge cast iron chicken fryer. It IS well seasoned, meaning it has been oiled and cooked in enough to have a smooth non-stick surface. The bottom is about 7 inches across, and it's about 3 inches deep. (3 quart) The lid is domed. Could not be happier with the bread I've made.

        1. I've done it twice in the smaller size of Lodge dutch oven and I've been entirely happy with it.

          1. I bought a lodge cast iron dutch oven just last week for the specific purpose of making this bread (BTW Amazon for 29.99 free shipping) I felt that the high pre-heat period probably wasn't doing my Le Creuset any long term good. It's the preseasoned 4 qt one, and it worked perfectly. No oiling, absolutely no sticking.

            1. I did it in a covered glass (pyrex) casserole/bowl. Couldn't have been happier with the results. (maybe a slightly flatter bottom--but not worth buying and storing another pot)
              However, anyone else have trouble getting the dough off the towel? I used a LOT of flour the second and third times I made it, but it stuck stuck stuck. Gonna try using plastic wrap for the final rise.

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                I just use a lightly oiled bowl for the 2nd rise and it makes it so much easier to plop the dough into the preheated baking vessel. It's much less messy, safer (I'm always scared of handling the heavy cast iron pot which has been heating at 450) and since I can do it quickly, the oven doesn't dissipate as much heat.

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                  "However, anyone else have trouble getting the dough off the towel?"

                  I used cornmeal instead of flour and had absolutely no issue with the towel.

                  2nd Lahey loaf tonight, both awesome (I'm a frequent cook - never bake, so this is an accomplishment!).

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                    I use semolina flour on a "floursack" cloth. (not terry-cloth) Its just a woven 100% cotton cloth. Its the course durum semolina flour. Kind of like corn-meal but without imparting a bitter corn-meal-y flavor.

                    I also was using oil in my stainless mixing bowl for the ferment, then stopped and it comes out just fine.

                    A bowl, water, flour, yeast, salt, water, pot, heat. Leavened bread was probably discovered by accident, so doing it on purpose should be easy. I love this bread.

                  2. Thanks y'all. I figured the Lodge DU would be fine but wanted some reassurance. It's pretty well seasoned so should work fine. I've heard the same thing about the flour/towel issue. I'll let you know how it works for me. I may set the dough on plastic wrap (oiled)on top of the floured towel and then just have the towel come up over the sides. I figure it's probably the weight of the dough that makes the bottom stick.

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                      I use wax paper, dusted very lightly with flour. Next to no stickage.

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                        I can't imagine wax paper in a 500F oven. Did you mean parchment paper?

                        CI used parchment on their revised version of the NKB. Do the final rest on parchment and just drop the parchment and dough into the pot. I haven't tried it but no reason it wouldn't work.

                    2. Yes it will be fine. I did mine in a matte stockpot, 8 inches across the bottom.

                      1. I have a 10" (w) x 4" (d) cast iron pan with a cast iron lid that has worked wonderful for the no-knead bread. If you leave the pan and lid in the oven for the full 30 minutes before dropping the dough in, it bakes the bread from all sides - you don't need to remove the lid to brown the top.

                        Great suggestions about the towel/flour rising stage!

                        1. My have the LC suggested but wanted a thicker loaf so switched to a calphalon pot with a small base. Worked well.