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Dec 6, 2006 05:57 PM

Dallas Steakhouses Review

Ok..this message board has been EXTREMELY helpful to me, so I want to contribute my own PERSONAL opinion of a series of steakhouses I have recently visited around Dallas (over the past few months). Basically, I tend to order the same thing--either a porterhouse or a bone-in ribeye cooked 'medium-rare'.

III Forks - Horribly OVERRATED. Everytime I go I am dissappointed, so I will actually not EVER go anymore on my own--only if someone else invites me. The steaks are overcooked and the service is SLOW. I do like the touch of bringing the 'tomato and onions' tray--but it is too overpriced for what you get.

Chamberlains - Currently the TOP CHOICE on my list. Perfectly cooked steaks, great service, and nice ambiance.

Pappas Bros. - EXTREMELY good steak; perfectly cooked. Service is attentive, but a bit too 'formal'. I like the ambiance at Chamberlains better.

Capital Grill - Good steak, good ambiance. I can't find any fault with it, but I never seem to leave saying 'wow...that was AWESOME...'

Ruth's Chris - Shouldn't even be on the list. The absolute worst--both in terms of service and the food. They never seem to know how to really 'cook' a steak. In fact, I would rather go to Saltgrass than go here.

Saltgrass - EXTREMELY good for what I expected. I must say this place is just AWESOME. It is not a 'fancy' steakhouse by any means, but for the way they cook their steaks (a grill instead of a double broiler) and the flavor of the meat, it was WAY ABOVE what I expected.

Del Frisco's - not bad, but not GREAT either. It was just ok. Service was very good and steak was just 'alright.'

Smith & Wollesky - Not very impressed. Steak was ok, but again, nothing special. Service was slow.

Bob's (on Lemmon) - OUTSTANDING. Super steak and excellent service. I like the 'big carrot'. My wife doesn't like the place because she says it's 'too dark', but I would rate it right next to Chamberlain's.

Next on my list to visit: Al Bernait's and Y.O. Steakhouse.

I will post updates. I welcome any comments on what I said and any suggestions for any good steakhouses that I should visit.

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  1. I've always maintained that Chamberlain's was overlooked by the "big boys" (III Forks, Pappas Bros, Del Frisco's), so I'm glad you liked it.

    I do like Bob's as well, but Chamberlain's has better side dishes.

    Al Biernat's is quite possibly the LOUDEST restaurant in Dallas, but it's a good choice also. Let us know what you think of it.


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    1. re: TexasToast

      How would you rate the steaks themselves at your recommended locations, Texas Toast?

    2. Thanks for the informative report.

      1. Definitely agree with III Forks being overrated. Besides III Forks, I've only been to Chamberlains, Big Buck (and I'd like to point out that when I search, nothing comes up, which I find surprising), and Saltgrass, and since what you order is similar to what I like, I'll definitely keep this report in mind for future steakhouse visits. Thanks for the post!

        1. I would suggest you try Kirby's not in line with the top end guys, somewhat nicer than a Saltgrass.

          I would say that III forks is okay, if I am not the one doing the paying. If I am, then Kirby's, Chamberlains or Sullivans works quite nicely with an honorable mention for the less expensive Saltgrass.

          1. I've always overlooked III Forks, but I am always impressed when leaving the place. The best steak I've ever had came from Smith and Wollensky--their cajun ribeye. Bobs is Bobs and Al Biernats always impresses me w/ their service and consistent food. Nick and Sam's should also be mentioned for one of the top steak houses in Dallas. The "wow factor" hands down goes to Canary Cafe in Addsion. Chef Gorji won the best steak cookoff in Hico, TX back to back. I think that should say it all. The belt buckle he won is reason enough to go check out the place. The buckle is very impressive. Go check out Canary and hopefully you guys will be equally impressed as I was. I think everyone that had dinner there w/ me all said, "wow" after tasting their first bite. Canary Cafe is my opinion is the best hidden jewel in the metroplex.


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              The Canary Cafe looks like a diner by day . . . and by night come to think of it. What's to "WOW" about?


                1. re: adkim

                  Yep, but was not impressed with any of it.