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Fried Pork Belly Sandwich with Fried Egg, Pan Fried Soba with Shrimp... GREAT Bar food

woojink Dec 6, 2006 05:30 PM

So last night, my brother and sister in law took me to the LA Auto Show. I did not have time to eat before, so ended up eating late. I remembered Opus is open until midnight and does a bar menu so we went there for drinks and bar food. First time that I didn't do a tasting menu there...

WOW. Really good.

Fried Pork Belly Sandwich with a Fried Egg - Toasted bread, lettuce tomato. Wow. I need to eat this for breakfast!

Lamb Meatballs - Spicy and delish.

Seafood Salad - Shrimp, Octopus, Squid, all good. Really good.

Pan Fried Soba/Buckwheat noodles with Shrimp - Reminded me of Japanese comfort food, almost yaki-soba-esque. Really good.

Medley of Winter Vegetables - Good, light, dish.

All in all, a really good set of casual dishes. I think some of these items are also off the a la carte menu. Good stuff. IIRC, the dishes above were all between $7 and $13 each... prices seemed pretty reasonable to me.

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  1. a
    AquaW Dec 6, 2006 05:39 PM

    Thanks for the post. I was intrigued by their bar menu too when I was there but it's so HARD to pass up doing the tasting menu there -- but may be next time, when I go with someone, we can do a tasting menu for one and I'll order some bar food (hopefully not being a major pain to the staff ~)


    1. w
      woojink Dec 6, 2006 09:42 PM

      I forgot one other dish we had... getting old. Sorry 'bout that.

      A Stuffed Poblano Pepper on a spicy Ragout in a crust - A really cool take on a Chile Relleno. Spicy and really great.

      1. k
        krushdnasty Dec 6, 2006 10:56 PM

        Hi woojink... Those items you mentioned sounded really good. So I went to the Opus website to try and check them out. What menu is that off of?! The "bar and lounge" menu doen't seem to have those items (see below).

        daily flatbread
        toasted baguette with serrano ham, pepper
        baby romaine, baby vegetables, walnut vinaigrette
        feta, olives, almonds
        grilled short rib, potato salad, soy caramel
        beef kabobs with mole
        chicken skewers with poblano hazelnut sauce
        baby pork ribs, pickled okra
        charbroiled sirloin burger
        tempura shrimp with smoked paprika aioli
        grilled cheese, manchego, tomato
        confit pork shoulder sandwich
        spicy sausages with toasted brioche, cilantro
        b.l.t. with a fried egg

        Do you know if the items you had were specials? I am especially interested in that fried belly sandwich! Thanks for any info.

        1. w
          woojink Dec 7, 2006 01:39 PM

          Hmmm... They did say tha this was a new bar menu... these items were on the printed bar menu, so I'll bet they just haven't updated the website yet.

          1. bassbiz Dec 30, 2006 06:02 PM

            I was there last night for the first time and was looking forward to trying out the Fried Pork Belly Sandwich, alas, it wasnt on there :(

            We did dine from the bar menu in the lounge, all my dining companions are smokers, although it was a little chilly in the lounge, the leather high back couches are very comfortable. Started off with a few martinis, which were very weak and the serving was very small, IMO. After finishing off the first drink, we finally got our order taken.

            I was surprised to see all of our dishes show up at once. I guess we appeared so famished after waiting over 30 minutes to order that they had to bring everything to us before we gnawed our hands off, LOL.

            Anyway, the menu from the website and the current menu, are not the same, but we definetly had some good dishes.

            Oddly enough the highlights were probably the simple dishes:

            Charbroiled Sirlon Burger with cheese (very well cooked!) = 2 dishes
            Frites (so simple, but very tasty) = 2 dishes

            The bread with dips (I dont quite remember the dips we went for, but we did the 3 for 5) and all 3 dips were delicious

            Just OK:

            We had a shrimp aioli type of dish, forgive me I cant remember exactly what it was, but I do remember what was in it and what it tasted like. The shrimp was very plump and fresh, but fairly mild, the only garnish with it were a few red onions and pepper flakes.


            Winter salad (I couldnt taste anything but the olives and I really was hoping for more than one piece of lettuce, LOL), very light, but also very bland.

            Hearts of palm with bacon and sherry (the hearts of palm were very plain and I really didnt notice any bacon and the hint of sherry was pretty nonexistent), too bad because I love hearts of palms.

            Ended of the night with a few desserts, mixing it with something light and also something sweet:

            We went with the simple chocolate cake, which was accompanied by a very delicious butter pecan ice cream. Cake a little rich, but still a very tasty treat.

            We managed to also squeeze in the tasting of sorbets, which were all falvorful and a nice palate cleanser.

            With a total of 6 drinks and 10 dishes the total came out to around $145.00, not including tip. For a group of 4 that was a pretty good deal. We were able to relax in the lounge for over 2.5 hours and enjoyed a good meal.

            I really dig the loft like space and will have to go back for the 3 or 6 course menu in the main dining room in the future.

            This place is quite a gem.


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