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Dec 6, 2006 05:15 PM

Little Owl...anyone know the truth about the walk in tables?

The hostess says they have two 2 top walk in tables and 5 seats at the bar they open at 5:00 and suggests to come early. I was planning on going at 6:00 tonight, any idea if this is a waste of time?

Also if I do get in what to order?

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  1. I was there on a Tuesday night for an early dinner at 6:15. We had a reservation so were seated right away. The place is small and there were about four other tables seated when I got there. I saw one couple walk in around 6:10 or so. The host told them the empty tables were commited for reservations (presumably for 6:45 or so), but when the couple offered that they just wanted a quick bite and wouldn't tie up the table for long, he gave them a table. (No one was seated at the bar yet, so that would've been an option for them as well...) Joey Campanaro was there that night and came over to say hello while I was waiting for my friend. I'm no VIP. He was just a really friendly guy who seemed to want to make his guests feel welcome.

    I'm sure it gets harder to snag a table later in the week and would def feel better about going if I had a reservation, but I can't give high enough praise to this little place. It has a cozy feel, the food is delicious (meatball sliders were great as everyone says but the cod was the real star in my book...) If it weren't on so many people's radars making it hard to snag a table, it would be the perfect little go-to neighborhood place...

    1. If you call the reservation line, they'll give you a number to call and check the line. I walked in last Thursday at 7 and waited about an hour, but I know the tables would have been open at 6.

      A definitely go. The pork chop is the only pork chop I've had in years worth eating again and again. The cod is fantastic and the sliders reaffirm faith that sliders can be wonderful.

      1. I have to second both the pork chop and the sliders. Consistently delicious on repeat visits.