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Dec 6, 2006 05:14 PM

Your Top 5 "must visit" chow-related stores in Manhattan

I plan on spending this weekend in Manhattan and would like your to know what you think are the Top 5 places that will convince me that NY is the chow epicenter of the world. I was thinking of places like Dean & Deluca, Petrossian, or Bridge Kitchenware, but I'd really like to hear what you think!

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  1. This is a very broad category, but off the top of my head, and aside from the encyclopaedic places (like Zabar, Citarella, Dean and DeLuca, Grace's, Gourmet Garage, Williams-Sonoma, Sur la table etc.), here is a very partial list:
    1. Di Palo in Little Italy for italian cured meat & cheeses, and various and sundry italian imports.
    2. Murray's for cheese.
    3. Russ and daughters or Barney Greengrass for smoked fish.
    4. JB Prince or the varioius Bowery stores for cookware / kitchenware.
    5. And finally, not in Manhattan, but worth the trip: Mitsuwa marketplace in Edgewater NJ (literally across the river from the UWS) for all manner of Japanese food and a bowl of ramen in the food court.

    1. DiPalo's
      Russ & Daughters
      Salumeria Biellese

      Don't bother with Petrossian and Dean & DeLuca. Bridge is great.

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        I don't think Salumeria Biellese would make anyone think NY is the culinary epicenter of the world. It has pretty good italian subs, that's about it. Faicco's is a much better sandwich.

        I would totally recommend ess-a-bagel (the one on 21st and 1st) for bagels; Russ and Daughters for fish; DiPaolo's for Italian cheeses; etc.

      2. Murray's - cheeses
        Kalusytians - spices
        Di Palo - Italian
        Vino - Italian wines
        Fairway - a bit of a stretch as a grocery

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          I'm curious why you added "a bit of a stretch as a grocery" after Fairway?

          1. re: PeterJB

            makes sense to me - i LOVE fairway, but "grocery" puts me in mind of a more intimate little food shop... fairway's more like a supermarket. but i guess that's just semantics.

          2. re: carbonara



            Faicco or Manganaro's Groceria


            And whatever unnamed, in English, places I stumble upon in Chinatown, when looking for stuff such as bok choy, dried mushrooms, or new cheap untensils.

          3. kalustyan's, russ and daughters, di palo, murray's, and... hmm. perhaps dynasty on elizabeth street or hong kong supermarket all the way down allen street below canal for east/southeast asian goods.

            1. Biellese sells wonderful salumi. Better than Faicco's. We're not talking about prepared foods like sandwiches here.