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Dec 6, 2006 05:08 PM

Adelaide's in the Loew's on Poydras Street

any reports has anyone gone lately thanks

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  1. Been there 3-4 times for lunch and dinner. Friday lunch does the Commander's style $.25 martinis (they are part of the same wing of the Brennan's Family). The art deco decor is fun but the dining room comes across more than a little "hotelly". Service ranges from decent to excellent. Foodwise, there are several excellent options all in the vein of commanders. For apps try the chop salad, shrimp with bisuit thingy or anything with P&J Oysters. If you've never had it try the turtle soup, but taste it before you add more sherry or you'll get drunk. For the main the duck is awesome, the steak over duck fat sweet potatoes awesome and the trio of pig (with hogs head cheese en glace) is also scrumptious. I can't remember any desserts. The food hasn't suffered perceptably since the departure of psuedo-celebrity chef Kevin Vizzard, although his new restaurant (curiously also at the bottom of a hotel, the Garden District) is perhaps half a notch above Adelaide.

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      Bobinnola -- Please tell us about Vizzard's new place. Thanks.

      1. Kevin Vizzard took over the joint at the bottom of the Garden district hotel from Corbin of Lulu's fame (also had a location down in exchange ally in the quarter across from Michaelopolis gallery). Corbin subsequently opened the savvy gourmet on magazine uptown which is an awesome, if not pricey kitchen supply/cooking school/lunch haven, the shrimp BLT is out of this world.

        But back to Vizzards: its still the same funky space filled with new bright paintings with a nice old fashioned bar up-front. Good service (they tolerated a rather rowdy and inebriated Halloween group of 15, even though I was dressed as Broadway Joe Namath and flagrantly had a sock stuffed in my football pants... an old friend cooks there) and sensational food. Highlights were the scallop skittles as a finger food with a habanero dipping sauce. The potato latkes with a dollop of carp roe dip is a must order and the mussels with chorizo similarly are off-the-metaphorical-hook. They have softshell crab bisque- need i say more? I can't honestly remember what I ordered for an entre last time, like I mentioned I was dressed as Broadway Joe. I do remember the dark chocolate and bleu cheese molton cake which is rich as all get out but definitely worth it if you hate freedom and love stinky french cheese.

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          I thought Vizard's was great as well -- the scallop entree is currently holding the "best scallops" spot on my personal list. I didn't try the scallop skittles, though, sounds intriguing.

        2. Vizards is great, but weren't they asking about Cafe Adelaide's? Vizard used to be the chef there, but is no longer. He does have a new place as was suggested.

          1. tonto, amigo see up top for the hijack invite... have a favorite between the two?

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              I haven't dined at Cafe Adelaide, but I think Vizzards is delish.