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Dec 6, 2006 05:06 PM

Real Biscuits and Parker House Rolls

Manhattan has the greatest breads, but I cannot find real biscuits (not that Pillsbury junk) or Parker House Rolls anywhere. Does anybody have a source? My southern mother makes 'em and ships 'em, but the FedEx bill is getting out of hand.

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  1. Clinton Street Baking Company in the LES has pretty fantastic biscuits. Parker house rolls? I got nuthin' on that one!

    1. the biscuits at clinton street baking company are excellent. the ones at old devil moon, on east 12th street, are a good second choice but they harden a bit too quickly. if you don't mind trekking to williamsburg, i think that pies 'n thighs on s.5th and kent makes the best.

      1. Cowgirl makes good biscuits. But if you're going, you might as well get the grits, too.