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Dec 6, 2006 05:05 PM

Lai Wah Heen vs. Lai Toh Heen (in terms of atmosphere)

Which one has a nicer atmosphere for dinner?

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  1. Lai Toh Heen is more modern, stylish... Lai Wah Heen is a little more elegant and has a decent view if you're by the window.

    what are you looking for exactly?

    1. also depends what part of the city you'll be dining in.

      LTH is at Mt.Pleasant and Eg.
      LWH is at University and Dundas.

      1. I prefer the ambience at 'Wah', as 'Toh' felt a little cold, in a hip, modern sort of way.

        I was also a little disappointed by the food at Toh; the tasting menu was ... good, but by no means up to any serious tasting menu I've had elsewhere. Nothing wrong with any of it, just nothing blew me away, either, which ... is basically what I want out of a tasting menu.

        Perhaps if I'd ordered something a little more modest, I might have been happy with it. The Peking Duck was ordered by another table -- looked like quite the production.

        That said, I haven't been to LWH in a few years.

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        1. re: diathesis

          I'd be curious to know what you had with your tasting menu if you can recall.

          We had the truffles tasting menu and thought the same as you.

          1. re: thegreatfoodhunt

            Don't have a strong recollection of our Lai Toh Heen menu, sadly. My memory for details isn't great unless I deliberately fix the details in mind, which I didn't, although it probably also speaks to how 'memorable' I felt it was as well.

            I remember something in a hollowed-out cumcumber 'slice' (maybe an inch and a half high). Actually, that might be all I remember. Wish I could be more helpful. :)

            For the most part, it was tasty and well-presented. If I'd gotten the dishes in a neighbourhood restaurant for an inexpensive price, I would have been pleased, but it didn't match my expectations or the price, IMO.