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Dec 6, 2006 05:02 PM

Low Carb ideas-very picky eater

My husband loves the low carb diet, he has done well in the past and wants to start on it after Christmas, however he gets bored with it! He doesnt like many veggies, except really salad, so no eggplant, squash type stuff.

He gets tired of eggs for breakfast, so any good ideas for that would be great.(he does like turkey sausage) Lunch and dinner are the easiest to change around. He is trying to modify the low carb and not doing as many fatty stuff like sausage, bacon and meats cooked in butter/oil. Any good ways to cook chicken? Any other great ideas to not get bored with?

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  1. I've been eating low carb for some time now. I like turkey sausage cut up and cooked with artichokes...grilled chicken is always good on a salad. And I love pork tenderloin, either grilled or cut up for a stir fry type dish. There are some good meatloaf recipes out there, too - I do a stuffed one, with prosciutto and provolone. Go to FoodNetwork, look at some George Stella recipes, he is their low carb show. Also look for Rachel Ray's (no, really) spanikopita Greek ground chicken meatballs - they are really yummy. And Atkins' website has tons of recipes.

    1. One of my favorite low carb snacks is celery stuffed with a cream cheese and smoked salmon spread.

      1. Quinoa is a wonderful grain that can be made into pudding, pilaf and many other things. It is also extremely high in protein. I am not sure about the carbs, but it would be easy to check.

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          I've checked and it is far too carby to use with any regualrity. Bwtter to have a small bowl of oatmeal occasionbally for breakfast after induction.