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Dec 6, 2006 04:41 PM

Fun dinner

Any suggestions of a place for dinner on a Sat night for a group of Chicago natives and out of towners, fun atmosphere, good drinks, and not too pricey (food around $25). I tried Carnivale, but they couldn't take a large reservation. It will be on the early side too - around 7ish. Many thanks!

Sorry, should mention I'm looking for something other than tapas or Greek.

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  1. I'd try Forno at North/Damen/Milwaukee. In some respects it is similar to Quartino (small plates, lots of charcuterie (sp?)), but it definitely has more of an Italian tilt to it. Very fun albeit noisy. Definitely can fit your budget.

    Right down the street is Bin Win Cafe from the same folks who own Bin 36. This is also a small plate with focus on wine of course. Very good cheese selection.

    Another fun yet moderately priced option is Hot Chocolate (if you can get a reservation...I believe they hold 1 large table per night).

    1. Mambo Grill (Clark and Kinzie) is a great option. It's not a huge place, but they are willing to take reservations for large groups. It's a fun, relaxed atmosphere, but the food is still really good. Great mojitos, good sangria.

      Also, most of the restaurants in Greektown are great with a big group. My favorites are Parthenon and Pegasus. You would probably come out at well under $25 in food at any of these places.

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        I second the Mambo Grill - it is a fun location and the food is food -

      2. Chuck's is worth a drive to the southwest suburbs.

        Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe
        5557 W 79th St.
Burbank, IL 60459
(708) 229-8700

        1. You could try Cuatro in the South loop. Similar food to Carnivale, although not quite as impressive a location.

          Tizi Meloul (sp?) on Wells might work. Middle Eastern inspired cuisine. Very convenient for going out afterwards.

          On Wells St, Adobo Grill by Second City? Or Topo Gigio (Italian).

          1. Adobo Grill, at either location, is a good choice.