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Dec 6, 2006 04:38 PM

Need holiday lunch rec in CC -- 3 people $20 each

I'm a little stumped. Three of us would like to get together for lunch next Wednesday since our office is not having a holiday party this year. I'm looking to keep things "cheapish" ($20, no alcohol, an entree each with shared appetizer) but with a fun/festive or nicer-than-our-usual atmosphere.

We're right at Broad and Chesnut, so within walking distance would be a bonus. We've been to El Vez and Jones too many times, but something similar would work well. Right now I'm leaning towards Cuba Libre, but I can't remember their lunch prices and it would require taking a cab/bus.

On the other end of the spectrum...How is the bar at Nineteen (XIX)? The decor definitely fits the "nicer than our usual". Can it be done for $25?

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  1. You might want to check out the review below involving the "scallop". After reading that I don't think I would go there. You are very close to Capital Grill which I think is a great place although I am not sure whether their prices are within your budget. Their on-line menu doesn't list prices. Why don't you stop by and ask to see a menu. Another possibility if you like Greek food is Estia which seems to have a special luncheon costing $17 for an appetizer and main course.

    1. I'd go to Chinatown--Vietnam has beautiful decor and wonderful food. Pretty quick service too which key during the workday. Penang is great too--can get really crowded though.

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        I second Vietnam. Fun place. I know it's a lunch you are looking for, but if you get the chance go after work and enjoy their exotic mixed drinks. The flaming volcano is not to be missed!

      2. I think Matyson has one of the better lunch menus around and you should be able to do it for around $20 per.

        1. I second the recommendation for Capital Grille. I go out for lunch occasionally with a small group and that is the preferred place. You should do it for that price.

          If it is someone's birthday, tell them when you make a reservation (which is necessary) and you will get a free dessert - which you can then share.

          Estia is lovely, but even with the prix-fixe, our lunch somehow became pricey with coffee and tax.

          Matyson is great for lunch, but a little farther away. Another place where reservations are a must.

          1. Caribou Cafe on Walnut?
            Brasserie Perrier? They claim lunch is under $20 on citysearch...
            Bliss...maybe too pricey though.
            I think Vietnam is a good suggestion too.