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Mar 8, 2005 02:51 PM

best breakfasts between Palo Alto and San Mateo

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Greetings. New poster here. I'm looking for the best breakfast joints between Palo Alto and San Mateo. Since this is subjective, here are some of the things I like:

* fried eggs, non-frufru scrambles, endless coffee, sausage links, and real crispy hash browns.
* don't need great pancakes, but will entertain crepes and waffles.

* short lines, smaller crowds, friendly service.

Thanks - Marc

PS. It is ok if you say "err... there's a Denny's off of woodside." I won't be offended ;)

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  1. Err... there *is* a Denny's off of Woodside -- but luckily, there are far better options. Among them, for starters:

    Talk of Broadway, on Broadway in Redwood City; also Courthouse Cafe in Redwood City, although I like TOB better
    Vic's, on San Carlos Ave. (just W of El Camino) in San Carlos
    Nini's Coffee Shop, in San Mateo
    First Watch in San Mateo
    Stacks, in Menlo Park or Redwood City (but it can get crowded)

    Should be easy to find the addresses on Google.

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      Jeni Bean (Formerly Richie Richmond)

      Just an FYI about TOB (Talk of Broadway) the place is family run and will do any substitution you want. Plus they have a breakfast special where you can pick a variety of things (eggs, meats etc.) for a VERY reasonable price. It isn't a huge place but they also have a few tables out front when the weather is warm. Defintely a "locals" type place which is a plus for me since I grew up there. They have tables and a counter inside! Oh, and their fruit cups are made to order and really fresh.

    2. the options posted below are good. i also like cafe borrone on el camino in menlo park. you order at the counter, and then, this is especially relevant since the weather is so wonderful, you can sit outside and read a paper or a book while they bring it out, and i think they've got all you can drink coffee. while they've got some frou frou eggs, they also have some plain scrambles, etc. it's simple, good and pleasant by yourself or with a group.


      1. Nice list. Thanks everyone. Nini's is one of my favorite.

        How about Alana's Cafe (1020 Main Street RWC)? This is around the corner from the library. I liked them more under the old mgmt, but it is still a great venue.

        - Marc

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          Don't know Alana's, but Whispers Cafe in Belmont (on ECR @ Davey Glen) is good. They have omelets, crepes (not their shining moment) and plain ol eggs w/meat, yummy lemony potatoes (you can get them crispy) with endless acceptable coffee. Plus you can eat in or out, by yourself or with a crowd, no lines, lots of parking and the staff is way friendly.