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Dec 6, 2006 04:36 PM


Who make's the best shawarma? I love chickpea but am looking for other great alternatives.

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  1. Mr Broadway, 37th b'way
    Pita Pocket University and 12th
    Olympic Pita 38th 5/6

    1. I have tried them all and Mr. Broadway is the best in the city, by far; end of discussion.

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      1. re: Benjamin68

        Mr. Broadway's salad selection leaves a LOT to be desired.

      2. i just had a great shwarma sandwich at alfanoose on maiden lane. it was delicious.

        1. I love Mamoun's, especially at 4 in the morning :)

          1. I went back to Olympic Pita last night just to double-check my initial impression. Sorry, but the turkey-lamb shawarma was dried out and severely underseasoned. They had three meat-filled skewers going, but they weren't doing the volume to justify that many, hence, the meat on all of them was crusty and dried out. Moreover, the counter guy gave me attitude when I asked for a pita sandwich-size portion wihtout the pita (not exactly an unheard of request), and the woman at the cash register was on the phone taking a delivery order for what seemed like ten minutes. I told a waittress, "You guys need to find a better system. You can't expect people to wait ten minutes to place an order, especially when you've got four guys behind the food counter doing nothing." In short, it's a dud.

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            1. re: Benjamin68

              You have bad luck because the schwarma drips with juices every time I've ordered it. I have no idea what a "pita sandwich size portion without the pita" means. Have you ever tried ordering that from Ezra at Azuri? I'd love to see his reaction...