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Dec 6, 2006 04:33 PM

Lei Wa Heen

I'm thinking about this place as a potential birthday spot for my wife. Two questions:

1) Is there enough choice for two non-seafood-eating vegetarians?

2) Is it really worth the money?

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  1. Seafood is tough to avoid at a dim sum. I've been to Lai Wah Heen and their dim sum is great. However I don't think the experience is worth the price because you'll have a very limited selection. With that kind of money, you'd want more freedom and choice.

    1. I'm looking for something Asian-themed as part of a bigger gift thing (involving, for example, The Tao of Pooh and maybe a Shiatsu massage).

      I'm very flexible on the price point. We've done Susur and Lee, and frequent our local Thai take-out joint. Any other recommendations?

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      1. re: Webdude

        How about Indian food? It's not fancy, but I was at Cuisine of India recently and it was very good.
        I go by Bombay Palace on Jarvis at Adelaide all the time - don't know if it's any good - maybe someone else can attest to whether it's any good? Or if there are any good Indian restaurants downtown?

        1. re: pescatarian

          re Bombay Palace. I don't know if it's "good" by real Indian food aficionados. I am not one of them, plus I'm a spice wimp so only have mild things. So my palate may not be in tune with those truly in the know. However, I adore their chicken makhani (butter chicken) and their onion bhajia. Love the naan. My friend is a big fan of their dahl and korma. So I'm always happy to go, but YMMV.

          1. re: Smalph

            Again - we're looking for Asian. Thai, Chinese, Japanese - that part of Asia (as opposed to the subcontinent).

            As much as I loves me some Indian grub, it's not my birthday. It's my wife's.

            1. re: Smalph

              Thanks, I might just have to try it. I go by there all the time.

        2. okay, not even on the same planet, ambience-wise. But if you're both vegetarian and doing the asian theme thing, what about going for a buddist vegetarian restaurant?

          My favourite is the Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen (definately get the dimsum (gluten) and the pan fried (not deep fried) bean curd skins)
          3290 Midland at Finch(416) 292-7095

          There's also a buddahist vegetarian restaurant on Dundas, north side, almost to Bathurs.

          it'd be more of an adventure type meal.

          btw, huge points for putting together such a thoughtful birthday experience

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          1. re: orangewasabi

            Thanks for the props, orangewasabi.

            We've done a couple of the Buddhist places in Agincourt and points north in Scarborough, with mixed success. I find some of the food a little bland, to be honest, although I do understand that it's related to the need for modesty (i.e., nothing too over-the-top in any area).

            We'd even be open to sushi - as long as there's a good selection of veggie options and the quality's good enough. I've had enough food court sushi (as in, once is too many times) to last me a lifetime.

            Although we're in the east end (Danforth/Woodbine), we're mobile and have wheels.

            Does that help?

            1. re: Webdude

              If "susur money" is doable, I would call Sushi Kaji and ask if they would accomodate. He should be able to make anything and it will always blow your mind.

              Otherwise I would challenge Perigee.

              1. re: Webdude

                man, this is a total stumper.

                We're all basically saying that LWH isn't really good value for money for two non-seafood eating vegetarians: AS-IS. However, the food IS excellent. And you'd get huge points for that, plus the elegant ambience. Have you called LWH to see if they can do a special all vegetarian tasting menu for you? That'd be a WOW option.

                There's also the newly re-opened Bangkok Gardens. I haven't been yet, but it'd be the place to go for a birthday Thai meal, since it's new.

            2. I say got to LWH

              If you are vegetarians, no high-end place is going to have what the others are perceiving as value.

              You are going for the nice setting, atmosphere, attention to detail etc.

              Price is obviously not your highest concern.

              Definitely call ahead, tell them its a special occasion and that u are vegetarians.

              Sushi Kaji is also a good option

              1. Good ideas all. I've just called LWH and asked - they're going to fax me a sample veggie tasting menu. Letcha all know how that goes.

                Chowhounds rock!