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Dec 6, 2006 04:25 PM

Save me from the Spotted Pig on New Years Eve!

My friends and I (about 8-9 people) want to go out to dinner for New Years Eve probably around 8:00 or so. We really don't want to do any of those all night dinners just something fun with good food. One person in the group suggested the Spotted Pig. I DO NOT want to go there! Does anyone have any suggestions? Somewhere below 34th street. My thoughts right now are Blue Smoke, Sala 19, Bombay Talkie? I really am just grasping at straws.

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  1. I went to Blue Smoke a few years ago for New Years eve dinner. The food was great, usual menu faves, buffet style and free drinks til 11 or 12. I can't recall the specifics, but the group I was with enjoyed it very much, and the cost was around $60-80 pp.

    1. We went to Suenos last New Year's Eve. It was only $50 for three courses including a guava mimosa, and we loved it! I don't know if they can accomodate 8 people, since it is kind of small, but I would definitely give them a call.

      1. If you are into Spanish tapas...last NYE we had dinner for 8 at Pintxos...the Basque Spanish resto in the far west soho...greenwich st. near the corner of spring. it's a small space, but they accept reservations and we had so much fun there. good food, cozy atmosphere...endless jugs of sangria and cava. for the amount of food and booze that we consumed there...we started dinner at 8pm and actually ended-up ringing the new year. we only ended-up paying something like 60 bucks per head and that included awesome filet mignon. which my friends liked more than the paella (they have a couple of good ones).

        1. try blaue gans- prix fixe on ny's eve, good for groups. high end austrian bistro in tribeca. lovely space.

          1. Don't do it. One would need to be fairly intrepid to try this on a week night, let alone on New Year's Eve. I had some great N.Y's Eves at Blue Ribbon Brasserie, but they may be doing pre-arranged seatings. At very least you'd need to get there way earlier and wait for a table. I had a great NY Eve dinner at La Luncheonette one year. Then we wandered around the meat packing district for a pub crawl. Some of my memory of this is a bit fuzzy.