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Dec 6, 2006 04:23 PM

Dinner on the Strip early Friday?

Figure I'd toss this out there and maybe get a fresh perspective.

Here's the scenario. The lovely Denise and I are meeting my mom and sister for mumsy's 70th. Birthday dinner is tomorrow night at Rosemary's.

We're going to see Danny Gans at The Mirage on Friday night, so I want to find a place for dinner. We're staying at the Bellagio, and will have wheels.

Unfortunately the dining companions this trip are not too adventurous and downright picky respectively, so a jaunt to LOS is out of the question.

I'm kinda leaning towards the Paris buffet as it is across the street and we haven't been since brunch with Mom, Sis and her now ex. No comment on how he only had bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast and then complained instead of thanking me for picking up the tab.

Between a stomach bug and an obscene menu on our last visit we probably won't be taking them to Mon Ami Gabi. Any other ideas between the Bellagio and Mirage?

TIA as always...

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  1. I am not a big buffet fan, so I can't comment on that...although I do have a loathesome ex-brother-in-law.
    We recently saw Mystere at the TI with some guests who were not terribly adventerous eaters and we took them to Joyful House on Spring Mt. Road for chinese. Very tasty food, very accessible menu (and most anyone eats chinese), and reasonably priced. It's quite close to the Strip and then it's easy to nip back to the Mirage.
    The other place I like is Fix in Bellagio. Good food, entertaining scene. I did not particularly care for Stax at the Mirage, although I believe they are operated by the same people. I think the menu, food quality and room at Fix are better.

    1. My sympathies on the ex-BOL, and yet congrats at the same time. :D

      Good call on Fix...that's a sharp looking menu.

      Rosemary's was my pick, so I'll leave this one up to missus to wield her

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        It's also worth noting that Eric Klein, the chef who was getting tons of praise for turning SW Steakhouse at the Wynn into one of Vegas' top restaurants in a very short time, is now the chef at FIX. Make a decision soon, I just looked at available times for FIX on Friday, 5, 5:30, 6, then 9, so make a decision ASAP!

      2. Thought I'd report back with the outcome. We were running late so we ended up grabbing a last minute bite at Caribe Cafe in The Mirage. It was decent, with huge portions, and seemed reasonably priced.

        We were able to get reservations at Fix for Saturday night, but there were issues as soon as we arrived. The noise level was not to my mom's liking and our table on the very edge fronting the casino was not to my sister's liking. A bit of kvetching and the maitre'd got us a table at Sensi.

        YOWZAH...we have another winner. Everything about the place was A+ with the exception of the waiter forgetting a couple of items. Stunning room, stunning menu and all our dishes were beautifully prepared and presented. We will return, and often.