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Dec 6, 2006 04:15 PM

Ocean City,MD- Off season

My boyrfiend and I are going to Ocean City,MD this weekend. We are in our twenties and would like something casual. I want a good crabcake-lumpy, little filling, moderately priced. I am also looking for a nice place to maybe eat lunch or breakfast. Any suggestions?

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  1. Lot of the good places closed for the season. Breakfast you can get great doughnuts at Fractured Prune. Lunch try BJ's on the bay, it is around 73rd street on the bay side, pretty good lunch fare like burgers and crab cake sand. Dinner I would venture into Bethany(about 5 miles north)and go to BlueCoast on Rt.1 Bayside. A little more fine dining, the best place around for crab and fish but very casual atmosphere and dress. For dinner bar type food that is pretty good and a fun place try the Greene Turtle in the Oyster Bay shopping center around 117th.

    1. From a friend who has a condo there:

      I'm a weekend OC local who tends to go for casual or bar food. Here's a couple favorites.

      The Crabcake Factory on 120th and Coastal: fun locals spot. They ship their namesake product all over the country as well as serving them up to the locals. Check the local newspapers for specials, often generous. Big sunny dining room makes it great for breakfast too.

      Surf's Edge in the Howard Johnson's, 12 St and Boardwalk.
      Primo ocean view from their enclosed porch, dining room or cool little wood-paneled bar. I've only had a couple sandwiches at the bar which were tasty. Clean, bright dining room, full menu. It's the location, hon.

      Call me crazy but there's just something about the $1.50 happy hour tacos at Mother's Cantina, in the strip mall on 28th and Coastal. Big, fresh, and full of beef or chunky chicken. Full menu available at this sometimes rowdy, always friendly spot. Booty's next door is new and tryin' hard to please, worth a visit.

      Jim and Stephanie at Jimi's 9th St Grill (9th and Boards) do a nice job on their full menu and I've liked most things I've tried. I haven't had their crabcakes but they're his mom's recipe. If you're from Maryland or Virginia, enough said.