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Dec 6, 2006 04:11 PM

Butternut Squash Ravioli Craving

I've got one like no other, but I'm too lazy to make it from scratch. Anyone know of any place that's got it on the menu currently & is doing a bang-up job if it? Thanks!

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  1. there is actually a frozen one that is pretty good if you can come up with your own sauce. it's a brand called Rising Moon that is sold in some organic/health food markets.

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      Sage butter sauce is dead easy -- melt some butter on a fairly high heat and toss in some fresh sage leaves until they look crispy. 2-3 mins, tops. Be VERY careful not to burn the butter. Dress cooked ravioli with a little grated parmesan and pour sauce over the top.

      1. re: Maxmillion

        Even black pepper & a lil garlic salt will be a wonderful accent to the brown butter sauce (which I found out when I was making the sauce and found out I was out of herbs.)


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        Hey there. Do you happen to know which markets/stores carry Rising Moon Ravioli. I am a Los Angeles resident who is desperately seeking this ravioli. Thanks!

      3. check out Il Grano on Santa Monica Blvd. Best Italian in town in my opinion and when Sal does his butternut squash ravioli or tortellini, it is wonderful. Plus, he's got the best prices on white truffle dishes in town and some of the white truffles on those ravioli would be magnificent

        1. Mezzomondo in Studio City (on Ventura just E of Whitsett) usually have fantastic homemade pumpkin ravioli this time of year.

          I like the pumpkin ravioli at Mi Piace in Pasadena, but that's *all* I like there!

          You could call La Buca --
          5210 1⁄2 Melrose Ave, corner Wilton
          Los Angeles, CA 90038
          (323) 462-1900
          BYO – no corkage fee.

          Check with Angelini Osteria, too.
          Angelini Osteria
          7313 Beverly Blvd, corner Poinsettia
          Los Angeles, CA 90036
          (323) 297 0070

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            ::STOP PRESS::

            Anglelini Osteria currently have Pumpkin Tortelli with Butter, Sage and Asparagus $15

          2. Cube probably serves Divine Pasta's version which is pretty good IMO

            1. HATFIELDS! soooo sooo good.