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Butternut Squash Ravioli Craving

I've got one like no other, but I'm too lazy to make it from scratch. Anyone know of any place that's got it on the menu currently & is doing a bang-up job if it? Thanks!

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  1. there is actually a frozen one that is pretty good if you can come up with your own sauce. it's a brand called Rising Moon that is sold in some organic/health food markets.

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      Sage butter sauce is dead easy -- melt some butter on a fairly high heat and toss in some fresh sage leaves until they look crispy. 2-3 mins, tops. Be VERY careful not to burn the butter. Dress cooked ravioli with a little grated parmesan and pour sauce over the top.

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        Even black pepper & a lil garlic salt will be a wonderful accent to the brown butter sauce (which I found out when I was making the sauce and found out I was out of herbs.)


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        Hey there. Do you happen to know which markets/stores carry Rising Moon Ravioli. I am a Los Angeles resident who is desperately seeking this ravioli. Thanks!

      3. check out Il Grano on Santa Monica Blvd. Best Italian in town in my opinion and when Sal does his butternut squash ravioli or tortellini, it is wonderful. Plus, he's got the best prices on white truffle dishes in town and some of the white truffles on those ravioli would be magnificent

        1. Mezzomondo in Studio City (on Ventura just E of Whitsett) usually have fantastic homemade pumpkin ravioli this time of year.

          I like the pumpkin ravioli at Mi Piace in Pasadena, but that's *all* I like there!

          You could call La Buca --
          5210 1⁄2 Melrose Ave, corner Wilton
          Los Angeles, CA 90038
          (323) 462-1900
          BYO – no corkage fee.

          Check with Angelini Osteria, too.
          Angelini Osteria
          7313 Beverly Blvd, corner Poinsettia
          Los Angeles, CA 90036
          (323) 297 0070

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            ::STOP PRESS::

            Anglelini Osteria currently have Pumpkin Tortelli with Butter, Sage and Asparagus $15

          2. Cube probably serves Divine Pasta's version which is pretty good IMO

            1. HATFIELDS! soooo sooo good.

              1. Ok, i double-checked the hatfields site (hatfieldsrestaurant.com) and it's not actually a butternut squash ravioli.. here's the description:

                Roasted kabocha squash ravioli,

                sherry brown butter, organic black eyed peas

                and it's served as an appetizer. I still think it's amazing and very comparable to traditional butternut squash ravioli.

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                1. I believe Ca Del Sole at Lankershaim and Cahuanga Bl. in Universal City has them. Call first.

                  1. Cafe Lafayette in Seal Beach (Main Street, just off of PCH) does a great squash ravioli. Lugatti's in downtown Huntington Beach has an excellent pumpkin ravioli.

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                      The best Butternut Squash ravioli I've ever had was at Doug Arango's. I think it's about $14 or $15 and is only on the dinner menu, but my mom asked for it at lunch time and they made it. It has their great vine-ripened tomatoe sauce I was raving about on another thread. It's so good I almost would consider it a dessert.

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                          It's on Melrose, just one block west of Robertson in West Hollywood.

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                            Thanks. I'll put that on the must-try list.

                    2. Cliff's Edge in Los Feliz has great butternut squash ravioli - it's one of the best things on the menu. Plus the ambiance is fantastic...

                      1. Il fornio has butternut squash raviolis also, and if your in Vegas the Bellagio buffet has them for dinner

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                          Did you ever get to try the Buttenut Squash Ravioli at Doug Arangos? If not, where did you have them? How were they?

                        2. Oddly enough, my favorite buttnernut squash in sage butter came from Alessio's in Thousand Oaks. It's a chain, so I've tried it at other locations and it wasn't quite up to par.

                          Angelini would get my vote if you're trying to stay closer to the city.

                          1. I would always go with Angelini of course (btw, recently went to Lupa in NYC and I'm leaning slightly towards Angelini for pasta -- ha!). But if you want something at home, recently did some damage at Surfas and they have real quality butternut squash frozen rav for cheap. A pretty big bag for about $5. My husband said it was the best frozen rav we've tried.

                            1. You should definitely go to Pasta Pomodoro -- it's a chain, but it's a local chain for reliable, inexpensive Italian food (locations I know about are on Santa Monica in near-West Hollywood in the complex with Target and the Burbank location on the other side of the mall from IKEA next to P.F. Chang's). Their butternut squash ravioli comes with a browned butter sage sauce that's to die for! You can order it in appetizer or entree portions with the appetizer portion going for a non-wallet-breaking $5.95 and the entree portion weighing in at about $8.95 or so. Everything else is also quite tasty and reasonably priced -- stay away from the Pane all'Aglio -- weirdly chewy flavorless breadsticks and sickeningly sweet, one-noted arrabbiata sauce.

                              Check them out at: http://www.pastapomodoro.com/index2.htm

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                                And at Happy Hour the ravioli is half price!

                              2. last night i went to Sprazzo, on westwood, a few blocks south of wilshire. they had butternut squash ravioli on the menu, with butter and sage. can't vouch for its deliciousness, as i didn't try it firsthand, but the dishes we had were quite good, so it's worth a shot.

                                1. Run don't walk to:

                                  1616 Abbot Kinney Blvd (Cross Street: Rialto Avenue)
                                  Venice, CA 90291
                                  (310) 392-8777

                                  Actually, I'd call first to make sure it's still on the menu. But if it is, this is what you're looking for. The best I've ever had, and the whole restautant, atmosphere and staff are a delight.

                                  P.S. Whoever is steering you toward Pasta Pomadora has no business being on Chowhound. They're the Denny's of Italian Food. And always a huge disappointment.

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                                    Pasta Pomodoro is good for what it is -- not all of us are made of money.

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                                      The food at P/Pom is way better than it should be, and surpasses many Italian places recommended on this board at much higher prices. And they even serve wine and beer!
                                      Your comment regarding its being a huge disappointment begs the question: Why continue going?

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                                        It's been ages since I've been over to Abbot Kinney and I'm due -- can blevine99 tell me more about Capri? Thanks!

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                                          Capri is a charming little Northern Italian place. Very stark inside. Mostly white. But still, it couldn’t be warmer. The owner, a woman, usually greets everyone at the door. All the food is incredibly fresh. The service is excellent and unrushed. Prices moderate. And I believe they have an open kitchen policy which invites anyone to come in an chat with the chef. And the Butternut Squash Ravioli in Sage Butter taste like delicate pillows of good stuff.

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                                          No offense B&C. My comment had nothing to do with price, but mediocre food and horrendous service. I lived in San Fran when the chain launched and took over the city. I went a few times, like everyone there, before I realized that the bland food and cookie cutter atmosphere just wasn’t delivering. So I stopped. When they finally made their way to LA a couple years ago I gave them a reluctant try and found things to be no better. A few months ago, in a rush, I went in once more. It took 20 minutes for someone to take my order. And another 20 for them to bring my drink and appetizer. I would have walked out sooner of course, but I became so amused at how bad the service was, I decided to watch the clock so I could document the times for cautionary tales and future Chowhound posts.

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                                          Funny, as I ate at Capri once...and would rather have eaten at Denny's. I don't know about their squash ravioli, but my salmon was some of the worst food I have eaten.

                                          Different strokes, I guess :-)

                                        4. Here in Atl. we have a great shop for fresh pasta and they ship - not for a last minute craving, but FYI - roasted sweet potato ravioli - yum!


                                          1. Not butternut squash ravioli, but close:

                                            Zucca has roasted pumpkin tortelloni (and butternut squash soup).

                                            Zucca Ristorante
                                            801 S Figueroa St
                                            Los Angeles, CA 90017
                                            (213) 614-7800

                                            I just saw kabocha ravioli on the menu at Tesoro, although I'm not a big fan of the place...

                                            Tesoro Trattoria
                                            300 S Grand Ave
                                            Los Angeles, CA 90071
                                            (213) 680-0000

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                                              I've heard that butternut squash is a New World variant on the old recipe of using pumpkin in the first place. I think the differences between teh two would be subtle, but in reality, the raviolo/tortelloni/tortellaci are just ways to get sage butter cream sauce in my mouth.

                                            2. I agree with the suggestion to go buy from Surfas and cook @ home, freezing the rest for your next craving -- brown butter sauce (+ sage, rosemary, or whatever your herb/spice of choice) sounds fancy but is incredibly easy to make! (there's a recipe on my blog if you want to check it out).


                                              1. The Kettle in Manhattan Beach serves Butternut Squash Pumpkin ravioli on Tuesdays. It is pan seared with walnuts in a parmesan cream sauce...to die for!

                                                1. Drago in Santa Monica always has pumpkin tortelloni on the menu with a sage butter cream sauce and it is very good. Super sweet and rich, but I think that's the appeal. Not sure it would fill the craving for butternut squash ravioli, but it's probably close.

                                                  1. Not ravioli and not a place to eat out, but you can get good Butternut or pumpkin gnocci at Whole Foods.

                                                    1. If you want something a little different - try the shrimp and pumpkin dumplings (more like raviolini) at 101 noodle express in Alhambra. Yes it's chinese, but it's good.

                                                      1. We were at Il Fornaio in Del Mar last weekend and I had the special of the day which was large homemade ravioli with the butternut quash filling in a delicious browned butter with lots of deep fried fresh sage leaves. You might call an Il Fornaio close to you to see if they are offering it. I would definitely get it again; it satisfied my own craving.

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                                                            Village Gourmet in Studio City has some great frozen ones to buy and then just cook at home (and add your own sauce). They are very rich and tasty... only thing is call ahead of time cause they go fast and they take awhile to restock.