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Dec 6, 2006 04:01 PM

GREAT Le Creuset Price on 5.5 Quart

This is a deal NOT to be missed! Great for gift giving too. Act fast, these deals do sell out... even if they don't sell out it's only available for 24 hours.

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  1. Have you done business with them? That's a great price, but they seem pretty flakey and have a distinctly "hands off" post-sale policy so it appears...

    1. I've bought from them before, yes, with no problems. If you're talking about post-sale policy like returns I understand their no return policy. It's how they help keep prices down. If the thing is broken when I get it, and all other avenues are looked into - delivery company insurance, LC won't replace it, etc. they will accept the item and give you a refund (minus shipping, which is only $8). Not too bad, I don't think!

      Here's stuff from their site:

      "I don't like my product that I purchased and want to return it!
      Sorry Charlie – the best thing to do with your product is to sell it on You will probably make a little bit of money on it, or at least get back what you put into it. Another thing you can do is give it away as a nice gift to a well-deserving family member.

      Where can I get warranty/technical support for my product?
      The first thing you should do with these types of issues is contact the manufacturer for any support related questions or warranty issues. You can also visit the blog and ask questions to other users regarding your product. If all else fails, you can contact us to receive a Return Authorization Number. Because we sell out of most of our products, we may not have a replacement product for you so please expect to receive a refund (minus the shipping costs.)"

      1. Yes, thanks, I saw all that. It kinda sounds like the place is being run out someone's parents' basement (LOL), so I don't know how "necessary" their policies are to maintaining low prices, but that's another issue - I was just wondered if you'd been satisfied. I don't think I'd order electronics from them, but I'm seriously considering this.

        1. They have some good stuff (like this) and some not so good stuff (board games). If you look in the specifications area (especialy regarding electronics), it'll tell you if it's a refurbished item or if its new, etc. I've checked up on the company and they've had a registered website since (I think) 2003. Point is, it's not a brand new operation that would likely pack up their bags and move to Nigeria! I was skeptical at first which is why I did the research. Good luck!

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            Not Gloating, or anything, but I just got one (a 5.5 qt) at Marshall's for $99.00. If you've got one nearby, it might merit a look.

            1. re: emkay

              That is a good price - you're correct! I bite my lip... :-)

              1. re: emkay

                Grrrr...I wish my Marshall's had LC. It hasn't had it for as long as I've been looking (since May?). All they had last week was Olive and Vine enamelled pots, but all chipped.

                1. re: Pei

                  Try other branches, or try again. Loads of options at the Marshall's in Harlem, as well as a Marshall's in NJ near my parents' place. $100/$130/$169 (i think) for medium, large and enormous respectively.

            2. I might be imagining it, but I think I remember reading a post here about a bunch of this size/color that were made either for a particular outlet-type store or maybe that category of stores as a group?

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                There was something similar about a Tuesday Morning color/style that they made exclusively for the store - maybe that rings a bell?