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Dec 6, 2006 03:56 PM

Budget San Diego - Ethnic?

My husband and I planned a weekend getaway to SD. Then we bought a house and are now cash poor. We are staying near the airport but are planning to bus into the downtown area. Can anyone recommend good and relatively cheap food that would be easily accessible for us? It looks like we will be taking the 992 bus. We especially like ethnic foods (Vietnamese, Indian, Ethiopian, Greek, Mexican, etc.).


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  1. You will be near Point Loma Sea Food. PLSF is a fish market that also prepares sandwiches, fried fish plates, limited sushi and a few salads. It is fairly rustic, but it is always fun to go to.

    You can try Las Quatras Milpas, Las Quatras Milpas (1857 Logan Ave. San Diego, CA 92113.

    They have a very limited menu, and are only opened for lunch.

    They serve a tamale in beans and rice with hot from the oven tortilla's. It is inexpensive and has been in San DIego since the 30's.

    1. If you care to venture into the Gaslamp, I recommend Bandar on 4th Ave. right across the street from the Horton Plaza Mall. It's Persian and one order is easily shared by two. Their kebabs are great and come with grilled vegetables and saffron rice. They'll usually bring out a complimentary salad as well.

      If you can get up to the north end of India St. I'd say Blue Water Seafood and Saffron Thai are worh your while.

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        Bandar is nice, I enjoy the food every time I've been there; I especially like the lamb shanks. The dining area is a bit cramped though but the food is good.

      2. I'll second Blue Water, nice, casual, (relatively) inexpensive seafood.

        Going in the other direction from the airport, towards Point Loma, there's Point Loma Seafoods, Kyoto Sushi (on Midway near Rosecrans), Old Venice (near Shelter Island). There's also Georgia's Greek, but I thought they'd gone downhill the last time I was there, especially compared to when they were in Normal Heights. And if you can continue on to O.B., there's Hodad's (very casual beach burger place), Ortega's, Third Corner (upscale wine bar), Shades. Ed Moore (formerly of Thee Bungalow and the owner of Third Corner) was going to open a restaurant in the Qwigg's location (above Shades), but I hadn't heard if it was open yet. It'd be worth trying for a decent meal with a view, depending on price-point.

        The center of the Ethnic universe in San Diego is Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa, but it's difficult to get there without a car.