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goose for Xmas dinner

Hi hounds,

My old man wants a goose for Xmas dinner. He's had a rough year, so I told him I'd see what I could do. I've found a recipe that looks like it will be good, but have no idea where to go to buy one. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. Savenor's generally has them this time of year. I'd give them a call first, though.


    p.s. it won't be cheap.

    1. I bet Whole Foods and maybe Star Markets have it, probably frozen. Remember to roast with water in the pan to prevent smoking. You'll wind up with a gallon of goose fat.

      1. Maybe you are adventurous enough to try goose confit. It's much easier on a home kitchen and in my opinion a better way to eat goose.

        1. For cooking tips check with the Home Cooking board.

          1. Whole Foods does have geese. A year or so ago there was a terrific article in Saveur on an Austrian Christmas dinner featuring goose. It looked wonderful. I may try it too this year.

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              I roasted a Whole Foods goose last year. It was very good, and we were cooking with the rendered fat (french fries, duck confit, you name it) for the next three months.

            2. Try Owen's poultry farm in Needham. I believe Wilson Farms sells them, too.

              1. We had no trouble finding a goose at our supermarkets. Shaw's, Market Basket even had some.

                1. My SO got it into the head to do a goose last Xmas, and i basically googled 'goose' and 'butcher' and found a great butcher in Haverhill, called Haverhill Beef, that is apparently THE place locally to get great meat. I preordered it, got an 18 lb one (smallest they had), can't recall how much it was but it wasn't as much as, say, a prime rib. It was fun to do! DO NOT forget to baste the fat off every 30 min- or you risk your oven on fire. Also, be aware the yield was quite small- it's a bony bird, and there wasnt' a ton of meat from an 18 lb fowl. It was fun and tasty, and then we had a huge jar of goose fat for other cooking purposes. enjoy!

                  1. I bought a frozen goose at Market Basket last year.

                    1. I've bought them fresh at Whole Foods.

                      1. I saw geese at Wilson Farms today.

                        1. Savenor's has goose for $5.99 a pound.

                          1. I saw geese yesterday in the freezer section at Stop and Shop Saugus.

                            1. Shaws at Prudential in Boston had goose around Thanksgiving, and so did Whole Foods on Cambridge Street, Boston. John Dewar in Newton and Wellesley also has them for order.