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Dec 6, 2006 03:50 PM

Belgian Waffles

Where can I find the best Belgian Waffles? Thanks.

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  1. My guilty pleasure waffles are the ones from Petite Abeille here in Tribeca. AMAZING!

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      I don't know if things changed since Dec. of '06, but I was just there this afternoon for brunch, and they were the worst waffles I've ever had. Frozen Eggo's out of the toaster are better, seriously. A waffle should be warm, fluffy and moist. Thicker the better. What I've heard about true Brussels Waffles was that they were just like that, but not dense and heavy in the stomach. I guess I have to actually go to Brussels for that.

      Here's their Brunch menu:

      Me and the wife had the Gaufre au Sucre first. The Belgian waffle with strawberry sauce and sugar. The waffle was extremely dry, room temperature and very airy on the inside. Like a waffle Cheeto. The strawberry sauce was on the plate with the waffle on top of it, and some powdered sugar on the waffle. I was hoping for the sauce to be on the waffle, so I could just grab and bite, but I guess the idea was to spread it on the plate like bread and oil. But with the dry waffle, it really didn't pick up much of the sauce at all. Bleh.

      However, that was my only complaint. I really liked the Mimosas and Bellinis, but it was the first time drinking both, so I have nothing to compare it to. But a Belini is supposed to have Peach puree in it right? Well, I didn't taste much peach.

      We also had Les Croques. I had the Croque Hawaien and the wife had a Croque Madame. Both were excellent. The mesclun salad on the side was tossed with an oil/vinegar dressing and is served on the same plate. Perfect amount of dressing.

      The place is on the corner and was open on both sides for a nice cross-breeze. It's 1st ave. & 20th so it's probably helped by being close to the water too. We got there at noon-ish and there was two 2-person tables left, but in a half-hour or so the place was half empty. Brunch is served till 5pm.

      I'll definitely be going back there for Brunch, but next time I'll try the Blueberry pancakes to start with instead. A Belgian restaurant that screws up waffles, go figure.

      1. re: souldawg

        Completely second Petite in Tribeca (never been to any of the other locations)! Their waffles are amazing!! I usually opt out of the sauces and nonsense and get fresh fruit on top and powdered sugar. favorite waffles in nyc.

        1. re: chocolatechip

          I'm an idiot. I wrote mine as if the one I went to was the only one. I went to the Gramercy location, but I am definitely having brunch at the Tribeca location on Tuesday now. It's within walking distance from my job. Hopefully it'll be a different waffle experience. :)

        2. re: souldawg

          Ok, today I went to the Tribeca location of Petite and I'm a fan now. The waffles were what I've heard Belgian waffles should be. Crispy outside and a light fluffy inside. Plus, plenty of strawberry sauce for dipping (unlike Gramercy) and this time I had fresh strawberries put on top which were excellent and plentiful enough.

          Oddly though I was given the lunch menu. I asked when brunch is served till and the waitress said 5pm. The reason she gave for no brunch menu is that most of the brunch menu is not "prepared", but I could get brunch items if I wanted. Ooook. So if you go at brunch, you might have to request the waffle. It's not on the lunch menu.

          Also, stay away from the Strawberry Mojito, unless you want to spend $8.50 on a small mojito. I don't know who thought of muddling an actual strawberry in the drink, but it doesn't work like a mint leaf people. So what I thought would be flavored somehow, was just an expensive mess, but a passable Mojito though. :)

          Another thing. The Croque Monsieur was great. No complaints. In fact, the plate was bigger, so I got more of the tasty salad than at Gramercy. Not sure if it was because they felt it was "lunch", but there you go.

          Finally, across the street is a place called Balloon Saloon. If you like off-the-wall, geeky, goofy thing-a-ma-bobs and toys. Check them out.

        3. EU has Belgian waffles on their weekend brunch menu that we haven't tried yet. I bet they're excellent, though.

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          1. re: erin07nyc

            The EU has awesome Belgian waffles (and that's about it for awesome things they've got).

            1. re: LeahBaila

              Really? We've been really impressed with everything we've tried so far. The croque madame was definitely something special. I have noticed, though, that it isn't mentioned on here much, other than the buzz when it first opened. We've only been for brunch, not for dinner.

          2. The best are in Brussels or Brugge. Escargot on every street corner, where french fries were invented, waterzoii, mussels . . .yum. Brings back memories. Try Markt. Never had the waffles there but they do have good mussels and serve their FF with mayo as they should be.

            1. I love the Belgian Waffles at West Way Cafe at 108th and Broadway...