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Dec 6, 2006 03:40 PM

Dining/Lodging (Dog Friendly) en route to Quebec City

Driving up to QC for Christmas.

Will either go 93 to 91 (through Vermont) or 95 to 201 (through Maine).

Any hounds know of hotels/motels/inns that would take a literal chowhound and an figurative chowhound that are near good food? Ideally we'd be near the border either way when we stop. Jackman, ME or Derby, VT area. Thanks.

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  1. all eating places in or near Jackman has to be good. Like Down Home Cook-in!!!!

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    1. re: irwin

      my parents stopped there 38 yrs ago en route to QC honeymoon and loved Jackman. Imagine its more developed now?

    2. I know there is a good restaurant and a good hotel in downtown Jackman. Don't know if the hotel/motel takes dogs though. Sorry. I think the name is Bishops? Jackman is very nice, but Vermont posters might be able to share more places along the VT route (seems like it might be more populous?)

      1. Wow, I am going down memory lane. WE travelled to Quebec from Boston once by car. WE stayed at a bed and breakfast that I found in a B&B Guide called Zacks on the Rocks. It turns out they only have a couple of rooms. Ours was a separate cottage with a huge fireplace in the bedroom with a big high bed, a black bathroom (really!) and a nice living room. The guide said that the restaurant run by the owner was wonderful. It was so strange! WE were the only diners. Zack greeted us at the door in a purple gold trimmed toga. The menus were on paper bags and there was a player piano playing. We were served an interesting meal by Zack himself- he was obviously the cook, waiter and bottle washer. The thing I remember was the chocolate bread he served before dinner. I doubt that this place is still there but if it is, the little cottage was great and I assume you could bring your dogs.

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          I will occasionally do a google search on Zacks in hopes someone has posted his recipes somewhere. I found your post listed and it really took me down memory lane! My wife and I honeymooned at Zacks back in 1986 and went back several times thereafter. That place was such an experiernce! My wife misses his Chicken Banana and would love to find his recipe somewhere. I'll keep searching. . .

        2. Totally nt kidding with this did Zack freak you out at all? Were you afraid to stay? I mean, obviously not but the toga thing is throwing me. Gotta look this place up.

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          1. re: onlytwomuses

            No, he did not freak us out but I will say that this was one of the most interesting travel experiences we have had. I will look up this place tonight if I can find the guide and post where it is. Actually, thinking back I think there was a dummy (stuffed person) playing the player piano!

              1. re: chowcat

                Oh my GOd! I can't believe it. I tried to Google it and found nothing then I just found the book that lists it -COuntry Inns New England. It was quite some time ago that we stayed there. Such a strange and unique experience. Thank you so much. Now I want to go back!!!!!

                1. re: emilief

                  Zack MUST have mushrooms on the menu.

          2. Found a place in Newport, VT, right near the border. Any good places to eat up in that vicinity that wont break the bank?