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Holiday party/private space in Park Slopish area?

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This isnt going to be until January, so I am not worried about places being booked, but I am looking for a restaurant with a private room/garden/space for 18-25 people for either dinner or a brunch. Anyone know of a place that has it's own private room for parties?

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  1. I'm pretty sure that Bogota on 5th ave does private parties and it would be a fun place to do it.

    1. pretty sure Scotaditto does too

      1. new place, Sheep Station
        has a gorgeous back room with a fire place
        where I am dying to have a party

        limited menu, but delicious

        1. 25might be the perfect sized group to book Convivium Osteria's wine celler, which is fab.

          1. 5th Avenue restaurant. Big private room and full bar available.