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Dec 6, 2006 03:37 PM

Porky's is coming to NE Minneapolis!

Porky's is coming to NE. I know a lot of neighborhood folks have been pissed off about this, but I am excited. I can't wait to ride my bicycle to Porky's this summer (I live in NE) and get the cruiser special.

Anybody who lives in the neighborhood feel pro or con? I really have not been able to get behind the con arguments...That lot has been vacant forever, and nobody has been interested in developing it for anything else. At least maybe now it won't be such a good place for dealing.

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  1. No comments? I added my own last week here...

    This is strictly from a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich perspective. I am not all that impressed with them.

    1. I actually went to Porkys this weekend. I don't eat there often so I may be wrong but they seem to have substantially improved their french fries. The fries appear to be the fresh kind with some skin still on them. They were really good.

      Have lived in NE and now living in Midway by Porkys I don't see what all the negativity is about. The hotrod people who frequent the place are the kind of people you want hanging around your neighborhood. They work hard to make money to upgrade their cars and for the most part they're the safest drivers on the road. Those cars mean everything to them. Some of them a loud with glass packs but that's the exception not the norm.

      1. Regarding the negativity, you can read about most of it in the new issue of the Northeaster newspaper. I believe it is an editorial article written to counter a story from a couple weeks ago that was mostly positive about the project.

        You can also read about the cons here http://neighborsagainstporkys.blogspo...

        Some of what people dislike about the project seem legitimate (increased traffic on Central, loitering?) however there are positives in those negatives (more traffic can mean more business for everyone on Central). Some of the cons also sound like sour grapes from restaurants that are not fond of the competition for our dollars. Will Porky's keep me from getting a pizza from Crescent Moon or tacos from Chiapas? Not likely. (Btw, the link above was posted in the front window of Chiapas when we were there for dinner Tuesday.


        I am most concerned for NE waistlines as those malts and fried chicken are darn good.

        1. just walked (10 blocks there,10 blocks back home) to porky's (nordeast) to try it out, noticed that nothing has the address on it,it's all from the st.paul one,no to go menu's,i got a double burger meal, 2 pork cutlet meals (one for me mum)and an order of onion rings,got home opened the bag,am missing 1 order of fries (strike # 1),the burger is very small,very little cheese,bacon,onions,sause(smaller then a fast food burger),(strike # 2),the pork cutlet is small also, on toast,i've had much worse(culver's)and i've had much,much better(the hamburger joint next to sully's(no longer there)),(strike # 3),the onion rings are good and the cole slaw is o.k.,i guess i would go back someday cause i don't drive and theres not much on the ave.,maybe to try the chicken,but if i want a burger i'd walk the extra block and go to the king.