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Dec 6, 2006 03:31 PM

Looking for Ribs in Spokane


I'm going to Spokane this weekend and looking for the
best ribs. I saw the Longhorn BBQ's. Anything better?
Appreciate any help. Staying downtown.

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  1. it's been a few years but when i was in town chicken'n'more was the best by far. The read deal. Brisket and chicken too. collards are great for the NW as well. They used to be next to the mohawk building but i think they have moved a few blocks down.

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      They supposedly sell some good sauce as well. Thanks!

    2. Check just below your breast plate...cause other than that you better wait till' you travel to a different city!

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          Good answer!
          ChickennMo is in the Valley too but I'm from the South and it does not impress me AT ALL. I have friends that made better fried chicken than that!
          In the Barber Shop movie they talk about Tony Roma's having good ribs we have one of those! Hahaha Haven't been there though.

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            i went to Toby's website. is it a truck, catering or what?