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Dec 6, 2006 02:24 PM

Pubs (Irish preferred) in Columbia?

Anybody have recs for good pubs (bonus points for "Irish") in the Columbia area?

Other recs in the surrounding area (Laurel, E.C., etc.) also welcome, but centering on Columbia.

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  1. Michaels Pub in Kings Contrivance is okay, lots of sports fans. In fact it really is more of a sports bar. Lots of smokers, though.

    Your best bet will be in the village centers.

    1. Are you looking for dinner, or just to drink?

      I've been to Kelsey's off Rt. 40 a couple times. It's a respectable Reuben, and they have Harps on tap, which I love. I wouldn't consider it chow worthy though.

      I'm really wondering if there's an Irish pub in the whole area that's actually good. The category seems to be synonymous with mediocre food and cigarette smoke.

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        1. re: JonParker

          Only decent Irish pubs I know of is Killarney's in Davidsonville and James Joyce in Baltimore.

        2. Try this place in Savage:

          There are also a few Remington's in the area, one in Beltsville, one in Laurel.