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Edible Flowers

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My usual haunts have not been stocking flowers - tried Pusateri's downtown and Cheese Boutique to no avail. Has anyone seen these little gems out and about lately? TIA.

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  1. Haven't seen them lately but I have purchased them previously from the sprouts guys downstairs at the St. Lawrence Market. I did have to preorder them though.

    Here is the contact info - Unc;e George's Place - 416-601-2112.

    Good luck!

    1. They're always available at Boncheff Greenhouses--a gem of a florist and specialty food store combined. Their fresh herb selection is quite good, too. They're on Olivewood just east of Kipling in the same 'hood as Dimp's Bakery.

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        WOW! You weren't kidding about BonCheff being a gem of a store! It's like Aladdin's Cave! Thanks so much for the recommendation - I got fresh edible flowers and about $50 more of foie gras, apple butter, jarred olives, EVOO, etc. And the staff are absolutely lovely. What a great new find!

      2. Harvest Wagon often has them.

        1. I just saw some at the Queen's Quay Loblaws.

          1. the green grocer on ground floor at the NE corner of the SLM has them-- in the refridgerator unit

            1. AmandaEd--glad you liked Boncheff. It's a fave of mine and deserves the attention of anyone who's tired of the extortion and pretense common among many food shops around the GTA. They even sell all their food magazines at 10% off cover. Try their Taylor's tea(great affordable Brit brand that puts Twinings to shame)along with the pricey but wonderful French Russian-style loose teas.

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                Taylor's has long been a fave in our house! I was so struck by the breadth of their stock, but also the beauty of it! They carry the pudding in a stoneware basin that my grandma used to buy in Britain, the toffee my friend used to have shipped over for his dad, and gorgeous tinned fois gras that was 3x the price at Pusateri's for the exact same product! (We popped by the Puse after Boncheff and were delighted to find that Boncheff is their supplier of edible flowers - the difference being that I paid $1.50, and they were charging $4!) I especially like the Barefoot Contessa line of products that Boncheff stocks - something from that line would be a lovely hostess gift! Anyhow, many thanks for the reco. We will be back...frequently.

                Also, I made my sugared flower petals, and they look absolutely gorgeous.

                Thanks again!

              2. Saw them at the Pusateri's at Lawrence/Avenue just a few days ago.