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Dec 6, 2006 09:01 AM

thinking of buying a vacuum packing machine...

This (oddly enough) seemed like the best board for this, but if not please shout!

I'm thinking of buying a vacuum packing machine and was wondering what other peoples thoughts were... Does anyone have one? Do you use it, and for what?

I'm going to be smoking some salmon (hot not cold smoke) and want to know it is going to keep so need to be able to keep it bacteria free. Also, for freezing, it means liquids can go in the freezer in bags so take less space than at the moment.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. I think this is a great idea! I want to buy one of these for my dad for Christmas. I read on one of these boards that Target sells an inexpensive version. I would love to hear more about prices, brands, etc. Thanks!

    1. looks very similar to the one I'm looking at, but being in the UK... If anyone has any make advice etc please let us know!

      Petitpois - it's nice to know that I'm not alone!

      1. I have a Foodsaver... I actually got it pretty cheap on Ebay (I think it was open box.)

        I LOVE it! I use mine for buying meat/poultry in bulk... it saves a lot of money and nothing gets freezer burned. I understand others use it for freezing/storing leftovers or big batches of soups/chilis, etc. I haven't tried that (my hubby and I usually eat everything before it could reach the freezer) but I think it's invaluable both money and time wise... I always have some sort of meat on hand.

        1. Props again to the Foodsaver brand. Their plastic is textured which helps when sucking out all of the air.

          I had another brand that used plain old "flat" plastic and getting all of the air out was more problematic. Not with FS.

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            How much does the Foodsaver run? And where can you purchase it?

          2. "I'm going to be smoking some salmon (hot not cold smoke) and want to know it is going to keep so need to be able to keep it bacteria free."

            If that's a big factor in your purchase, you should inquire whether the company recommends that use. While I imagine the plastic bag material is comparatively germ-free out of the package (like most things), nothing about vacuum packing is "sterile", it's just airless. It's nothing like canning, much less pressure canning. I would be wary of storing home-smooked foods for long periods in an anaerobic environment unless you'll be freezing it. In which case, bacteria free is a non-issue anyway.