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Dec 6, 2006 04:56 AM

Hungry Detective- LOS ANGELES

Good to see the Hungry Detective go to my stomping grounds in the South Bay area. I read his column whenever I eat alone at a restaurant.

1. San Pedro Ports of Call: Awesome to see them do this. I like going here...would have been better if they showed him waiting in line to order with the ticket/call system or on a sunday when its full of families.

2. Rajun Cajun: don't really dig this place. I've only been once, got a mix of items...just didn't like the food....something like Uncle Darrows would have been better for their Po Boys in a non-descript minimall....

3. The hawaiian restaurant in the bowling alley at some bowling alley. I've never been here but saw it on some chowhound posts. dunno if i'll go outta my way to go there..perhaps if i crave....

4. Some mexican market..Los Paisas: never been here either...i've probably passed it a bunch of times.

5. Rizzos Pizza: never heard of it either. I guess he worked here when he was young.

Would have loved to see that Burger place on Rosecrans which I think he reviewed before in the paper. Maybe some of the japanese restaurants in gardena...can't win em all and he had to narrow them down to 5.

Again, loved that he stayed away from the eastside and hollywood...something I do since the South Bay rocks!

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  1. Finally got around to watching this one.

    As usual, some of the food looked pretty dire. "Carne asada" from a griddle?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      RL, can you elaborate on your comment?

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Sorry I wasn't more specific. I wondered what you meant by "pretty dire."

          1. re: Atomica

            For example, the Loco Moco at the Gardena Bowl. Sure it's traditional, but so is Spam musubi.

    2. The asada is not the best taco there cause the al pastor is fantastic...we actually tried all 3 tacos but had to shorten the segment do to time....its actually pretty hard to cram in everything, we do our best....Los Paisas is at western and torrance blvd...they have great shrimp ceviche too....Rizzo's has bread sticks to die me on that one...worth the journey!

      Shooting at the port was not easy...cause we had to wait for the mariachi's and karaoke singing to stop and then start shooting....

      I would have done B and R burgers...but since they were already on in feasting on asphalt, I wanted to give the exposure to another deserving place....

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      1. re: ccognac

        Love, love, love, Rizzo garlic bread. Pizza's good too. Place is in a strip mall and can get hot but when I'm back in the South Bay in September I will be going to Rizzo's.

        Now the tacos that were shown on the LA Hungry Detective were the pastor tacos were they not? I thought I saw pineapple which is usually how pastor tacos are served. Looked good.

        1. re: tlegray

          I had one of each, a carnitas, al pastor and asada...that scene was longer, but we had to switch it w Rizzo's so we only showed the asada...but the plate has all 3 kinds of tacos on it.....too bad too, cause I gave a pretty good description of each type and people not familier w tacos could have learned a bit....oh well, thats TV...

          1. re: ccognac

            Chris, are you going to be doing any more filming?

            1. re: aurora50

              Hungry Detective is finished...I should be doing Iron Chef again next month as a judge....I have a few things in the works....lets hope I can get to do something that is quality and showcases food and people who need the exposure....we will was a fun ride!

              1. re: ccognac

                Because of Chris' recommendation I discovered Los Paisas...this is now one of my fave local places. Love, Love, Love it. Ceviche tostada...mmmmmmm
                Ah...Rizzo's.....finally they get some props. The breadsticks ARE to die for and the pizza is wonderful (and I almost always get delivery). This is an honest, family joint that easily rises above the chain-stank flotsam and jetsam.
                This is my 'hood. This is my food.
                Chris, you rock.

      2. Before this topic goes to CH heaven, let's link all of the Places.
        Wow, we need some regularly scheduled HD reruns before I forg.......

        Ragin Cajun Cafe
        422 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

        Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop
        15707 S Vermont Ave, Gardena, CA 90247

        Ports O' Call Restaurant
        Berth 76, San Pedro, CA 90731

        Los Paisas
        21168 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

        Rizzo's Pizzeria
        2350 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501