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Dec 6, 2006 04:07 AM

Bacon Brittle

Has anyone made this? It sounds really disturbing but I find myself thinking it might actually be good.

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  1. I am making it today, my dreams are coming true, BACON CANDY!!!!!! My porkaholic pals will go crazy! No hum drum fruit cake for Christmas this year. I'm gonna add some powdered chipotle. I'll report back.

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    1. re: missclaudy

      Yeah well there is a recipe for bacon baclava in this month's Food and Wine...and maybe another dessert or two with bacon as well...!

    2. I had some last year and it is everything that you imagine it to be.. It sounds disturbing but it really is wonderful......

      1. I'd really love to see a recipe if it's not too much trouble!

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        1. A local restaurant makes praline bacon that is apparently a love-it-or-are-disturbed-by-it sort of thing. I've not tried it.

          I got this off a cached wikipedia page, it apparently is no longer up because of the dubious provenance of the "recipe". I certainly can't vouch for it.

          Praline bacon is a cajun breakfast specialty made with bacon smothered in pralines and brown sugar.

          To make praline bacon, fry the bacon on one side, then smother both sides in a mixture of crushed pralines and brown sugar and return to the skillet to finish cooking.

          NPR reported Elizabeth's Restaurant in New Orleans as having originated praline bacon.

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          1. re: JGrey

            My first batch is cool. This candy is DA BOMB ! Such a whacky recipe, I was laughing the whole time I was making it. I sprinkled Aleppo pepper moderately into the mix because I need hot with sweet and salty.( I used roasted peanuts and am calling it Elvis's Brittle). I'd up the nuts to 3\4 cup and add a 1\4 teaspoon of salt to the above recipe. You want the bacon to be very crisp. I cooled the whole mess right on a silpat mat which worked like a charm.

            I cannot wait to give this to my pork adoring friends for the holidays. Gotta find tins with pigs on em'. Maybe there are Elvis tins somewhere.

            I have to go for a physical in an hour. My doc will sniff me (it's 3 pm)and think I cook and eat bacon all day long, hope I don't get busted !

            1. re: missclaudy

              Priceless. I'll have to make some for family.

              Thanks for your pointers and for being the guinea (ahem) pig.

              1. re: Louise

                I just ate a piece that is 3 hours old. I would add another 1\2 cup of bacon ,it just isn't quite bacony (is this a word?) enough for me. I may even substitute lard for the butter called for in the recipe. What the hell, we're already making bacon candy here for lord sake!

                1. re: missclaudy

                  Just made a new batch, I doubled the bacon, used 1\2 cup of chopped toasted pecans, 3\4 tsp. salt and a good sprinkle of Aleppo pepper. I can't stop eating it it is fab.The salt makes a HUGE difference. And it is SO good that I pulled a gold crown right off of a tooth while chewing in bacony delight. How do you tell your straight,kosher dentist that bacon brittle is the reason for this? Who cares, I just keep thinking about how much Elvis would love me for making this for him.

                2. re: Louise

                  Any time Louise, if it involves pork!

                3. re: missclaudy

                  I put in 3\4 tsp. salt in my last batch which was better still.

                  1. re: missclaudy

                    Just got me physical results ( I know you've all been on pins and needles waiting to hear.) Everything is normal and the doc wants me to continue eating in the healthy, low fat way I have adopted to become such a healthy specimen (low fat dairy,little red meat (she thinks).Shucks, while I was reading the results, I was eating bacon candy for breakfast,coffee with cream and last night had fatty pork for dinner. All I can say is that I must have really good genes.I owe it all to bacon.

                4. Well, I've got to try this...with the nuts, Aleppo pepper and a bit of salt. Because it's just too weird. But woudn't you want to store this in a tin in the fridge? I'm just saying...