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Dec 6, 2006 03:31 AM

Fatigman, Fatigman, Where Can You Be?

I've been searching for a recipe for fatigman cookies. They're deep-fried Swedish (and Norwegian) cookies we used to make with my mother when we were kids.

Although I've managed to find lots of mention of them online, I haven't found a single recipe.

Any help out there?

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    1. re: wally

      My dear, departed Mother used to include these in her Christmas repertoire. She was Danish, and cookies were a big part of Christmas.

    2. Don't know if you're still looking. Here is my Norwegian grandmother's recipe:

      Fatigman (Grandma’s) small recipe

      3 whole eggs + 3 egg yolks
      2 heaping Tbsp sugar for each egg (10)
      1 Tbsp whipping cream for each egg (6)
      2 Tbsp butter for each egg (1 ½ cubes)
      2 tsp vanilla
      (2 Tbsp brandy or rum if wanted)
      2 tsp cardamom
      ½ tsp salt
      4 cups flour (sift after measuring)
      enough to make stiff dough

      Cream sugar and butter, add slightly beaten eggs and
      yolks, then cream, vanilla, and last, dry ingredients.

      Let stand about 2 hrs. in icebox. Use flour to roll out.
      (Cut into diamonds, slit in middle, slip end through
      slit and pull to form twist )
      Fry in shortening (Crisco).

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      1. re: emjaykay

        Thank you emjaykay! I'll have to try this. Hey! I only had to wait 2 years for an answer! Well, that's not true, as Wally sent a recipe in 2006. I've still been too lazy and busy to try them, though.

        1. re: emjaykay

          Somethin' don't jive. If 1 Tsp whipping cream for each egg = 6, then shouldn't "2 heaping Tbsp sugar for each egg" should equal 12. How'd we get 10?

        2. Hi Oakjoan,

          My 87 year-old Norwegian grandmother still makes these (along with lefse, krumkake, etc...) and my mom and I have been trying to figure out the recipe for years! I will ask her when I go home for Christmas and will post as soon as I get it!

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