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Dec 6, 2006 02:16 AM

Studio Cafe @ Four Seasons - prices?

The Four Seasons website doesn't list prices with the Studio Cafe menus. I've been asked to find a place for a business/celebration lunch which is close to Bay/Bloor (preferably, 5-10 min walk, max). We're going to have 20-25 people in our group.

The person whose credit card will be used mentioned Pangea as an option, so I figure those prices will be at the upper-end of the range (entrees $20-30). Just wondering what prices at Studio Cafe are like?

Pretty late notice to be making this kind of reservation, so if anyone has other suggestions, they'll be gratefully accepted! So far, my list is:

JK Gardiner (out - fully booked)
Gallery Grill (left a message, but seriously doubt there's space)
Studio Cafe
Il Posto Nuevo


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  1. Studio Café is very reasonable considering the quality of food, service and surroundings. As well, the hostess will stamp your ticket for valet parking at lunch and dinner, a considerable saving (and huge convenience) in the crowded Yorkville area.

    The daily lunch special offers two courses for $22 or so, 3 for $30. A broad a la carte menu allows you to choose from an extensive selection: if memory serves, appetizers run between $9 and $20, mains about $15 to $30, desserts around $9 each. There is an intelligently chosen and reasonably priced wine list, or you can use the main Truffles wine list if you prefer.

    Some of the dishes I've particularly enjoyed and which frequently appear on the menu: liver and bacon, steak frites, a great chicken curry, various composed salads, a chorizo sausage pizza, club sandwich, cheeseburger.

    1. Oh, it sounds quite nice! Thanks very much for the details.

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        I love the calamari, and the seared tuna sandwich is excellent!

      2. Prego's not too far away.

        1. Pangaea was requiring us to select from a set menu which was $50/head for pretty much no selection (fish or chicken?), so they're out. Studio Cafe already has a big group that day, so they're out. Prego would be too expensive, I think. Help! Any other options? My list is running out pretty fast and I don't wnat to wind up someplace with bad food =S

          1. okay, what about Wish (East of Yonge on Charles)? They might close off the one room for you.

            Would you trust Sassafraz to put on a decent meal with good service, since it's a group?

            Cafe Nervosa has pretty good Italian (I think they have a room upstairs that'll hold you all.

            oh! what about the dining room at the Windsor Arms? -- the food is pretty decent there, and the service is terrific, I just can't remember the pricing.

            I assume walking south to Bistro 990 is too far (it's all the way down at Wellesley).