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Dec 6, 2006 01:55 AM

Rachael Ray's Trisciut Advertisement

I know she herself claims she is not a chef, but are you kidding me with these Triscuit recipes. Seriously, would anyone with a hint of cooking sense really make such stuff on a cracker.

If you have, do tell how it tasted and what sort of event you made it for?

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  1. It seems completely "in character" for RR to me.

    1. Did you forget that TF is pitching for Applebee's?

      1. Never made an appetizer on a triscuit or any other sort, i.e. ritz cracker etc. for that matter, Not that I find them not any good, I just wouldn't think to do so.

        She (RR) is marketing herself while she can. And speaking of marketing oneself, it seems that since Emeril opened that door or was it Wolfgang Puck(I have and dearly love his convection oven, panini maker, etc.), there are more and more tv /chef celebs doing it.

        I once read or maybe it was during an interview, that Julia Child never endorsed any product, and if I'm wrongand which I'm sure I'll soon be informed if I am, then I admire her that she didn't. It seems that these many of the celeb chefs are trying to "make hay while the sun is shining". I guess ultimately there's nothing wrong with that other than I (my own opinion) see it as a bit "tacky" to endorse a triscuit cracker.

        Wait a minute I love George Foreman, but hey he's not a "chef".

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        1. re: chef chicklet

          The sopranos people are marketing the foods of a completely fictional person.

        2. once i saw rachel ray make hot dog nachos. hot dog nachos. who cares what she does, honestly? lol.

          1. The original comment has been removed