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Dec 6, 2006 01:23 AM

Charlotte Vietnamese or ethnic

My wife and I are displaced Californians living in Chapel Hill. We are going to be in Charlotte for the weekend at a Panthers game and are looking for better ethnic food. We heard the Vietnamese is decent specifically Lang Vans. Any other suggestions for Asian ethnic.

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  1. IIRC, Lang Van is gone. A lot of the asian restaurnats in that area of town have been pushed out by the Latin demand in that community. But, there is still a lot of good ethnic food. Cuisine Malaya is top notch Malaysian/sushi/all around asian choice. A couple of others near the stadium and excellent asian choices are Restaurant i (which I think is just "i") on East Blvd and Copper-Indian with a twist, also on East. Any of these offer food unlike most you will find.
    Thai Thai is take out only on East Blvd and the owners used to own the very popular King and I (also a victim of the above circumstances). Very standard menu, but good stuff and a lot for the money. i and Copper are both on the pricier side of the ones I mentioned, while Malaya is middle of the road.

    Go Panthers!!!!

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      you sure they are gone? I was in Charlotte about two months ago and I thought they were still in their location on Eastway, though I did pass by long after closing time. I did notice a banh mi place about to open at sugar creek and the plaza but I have not been

      you may want to call

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        I nervously made the trek out Eastway last night to see whether Lang Van remains and am glad to report that it is still there. It was around 8PM and it wasn't very busy, but it was open.

        In the past, I have always gone on weekends and the place has been packed so I was a bit surprised by the lack of a crowd. In any event, the food remained as good as I remembered.

    2. Thanks for the recs. Have you heard of Be's?

      1. I'm fond of Truc at Asian Corners mall. Also the banh mi shop inside the mall always has something interesting going on.

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        1. re: kathleen purvis

          Yes, we went and I thought the pancakes were very good. The crispy seafood noodles were also good. We were very happy with the service and the experience overall. Thank you for letting us know it was open.