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Dec 6, 2006 01:13 AM

brewery tours in western mass.

My dad is really hard to buy Christmas presents for. But he does like beer. I was thinking of giving him a gift certificate for a brewery tour/tasting. My parents live in West Brookfield, Mass., equidistant from Worcester, Springfield, and Amherst. Does anyone know of any breweries in Central Mass that gives tours? Thanks!

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    1. Brewers are generally nice people. You could ask the brewers at Amherst Brwewery or Gardner Ale House if your dad can help out for a day. He'd learn a lot, get great beer and hands on training.
      The breweries I've been to offer free tours on Saturday.
      Don't forget Paper City in Hoyoke.

      1. do you think he may be interested in trying to brew his own beer? i've heard that some of the cheaper home kits suck, but deja brew offers on premise brewing. check it out...

        one of my friends tried it and loved it, so i'm thinking of trying it soon.

        1. Most brewery tours are free - and you get free samples. Wachusett now limits you to two 2 oz. samples. Interesting place since it was all pieced together by the engineers who started the company. The bottling line is an ancient relic of the past.

          I thought Berkshire brewing Co gave a very thorough tour - even let you poke your nose into the open fermenters. One cup of beer before the tour and one after in their tasting room.

          Check out the breweries' website for time/day they are offered.

          A gift certificate to a local brewpub would be nice.

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            Berkshire Brewing Company in South Deerfield does give a thorough tour, if not a structured one. I went twice while in graduate school - once with my old college roomate and the other time with my girlfriend-now-wife and her mother - and it was great fun both times. As of a few years ago, the tours only happened on Saturday afternoons, though I remember the owner mentioned that they sometimes let people help them bottle beer, though I believe that was on Fridays. Either way, it was fun. And you get two beers. After the tour, you can go to the top of Mt. Sugarloaf (right in town) and enjoy the view of the Connecticut River. Fun times...