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Dec 6, 2006 12:48 AM

20 people for around 20 pp?

I'm trying to plan a 30th birthday party for my fiance. We're from Boston, but living in NYC so planning from afar. I would ideally like to keep it to less than 20 per person (not including tip, tax, and drinks). It would be for about 16-20 people on a Saturday night. These are the options I've thought about. Thoughts on these restaurants or any additional ideas? Any part of Boston, JP, Somerville and Cambridge are ok. Would probably like to keep it to American, Mexican, or Italian in consideration of my guest list.

Tu y yo
Bob the chef’s

Also considering bowling at the Milky Way combined with dinner at one of these:
Bella Luna
Ten Tables

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I *think* Ole in Inman Square has a smallish function room in back? I might be misremembering.

    1. Not Croma. I went with a group a few weeks ago and the entrees were blah. One great pizza (asparagus) but the rest was mediocre at best, and bland.

      For atmosphere - Bob's or the Milky Way/Bella Luna would be the most fun. The Milky Way hosts Mango's the weekly salsa night on Saturdays starting at 9ish, which could add another festive note. There's a small dance floor and it doesn't get packed until after 10. I've seen large groups there often and it seems like a great space for a party.

      Some of the places you mentioned (Ten Tables, Paramount) would certainly exceed $20/person.

      I love the food at Apollonia, a little Albanian restaurant in Roslindale, and if you called you could prob. have the place mostly to yourselves, if you're looking for a more mellow vibe. Often live music on the weekends too. Really, the food is just amazing and your $20/person is definitely feasible there. Lots of cool appetizer-y type plates perfect for sharing with a group. Many dishes similar to Italian, so it might fit with your guests' taste.

      1. Pizza at Regina's might be good for a crowd like this. I personally love the pizza at Antico Forno, but it has a very short half life and while the first slices has a perfect crust, it becomes soggy very quickly.

        If you're willing to stray into Brookline and go Turkish, I'd recommend a big panel of mezze at Brookline Family Turkish Restaurant.

        1. Silvertone certainly has some of the best deals out of the places you mentioned. Sandwiches w/ fries and their mac & cheese are only $8. You could maybe get that side room. Many on your list will quickly push the $20 limit. Regina could be fun but 20 people on a Sat. nite might be tough.

          1. I immediately thought pizza, too. Not much atmosphere (feels rather corporate), but there's always the new Regina in Medford. I thought the pizza was excellent. Cheap but passable house wines, too.

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              Nonononono.... no Regina's except the original. Unless this Medford branch has magical powers which keep it from being so-so like the rest of the Regina's outposts.

              Wouldn't Daedalus be over $20 right off the bat? Unless you just got wings upstairs.


              Artu--20 people in here?
              Paramount--see Artu. The price is right for both these places, but unless you call ahead and can basically rent out the place, i don't know how they could handle 20 people.

              Actually if you were thinking of Regina's, maybe Nebo would work well. The crust isn't quite as good, but the sauces and toppings I've had are really good. (I think the sauce on their margherita is much BETTER than Regina's.) And, they could probably accomodate your group. And, you'd be near all those drunken North Station area haunts.