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Going to be in the City on the 23rd

Dec. 23rd I'm going to be in the city with my family. What are some good restaurants around Radio City Music Hall? Nothing too exotic, preferably french bistro, something fun. Nothing overly expensive either, ie a 300 dollar meal. Preferably in the general area but we can take the subway if need be. Sorry for the vagueness but I'm not a Manhattan Culinery Expert, especially French Bistro :) I'm also looking at Indian cuisine, but like I said, I know next to nill about Indian restaurants either. Can anyone make any suggestions?

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  1. How many people are you going to be? That area is pretty expensive for restaurants, so if you're say 5 and you want to keep it under $300 it could be difficult.

    1. Cafe Un Deux Trois
      123 W 44th St (btw 6th and Bwy)

      La Bonne Soupe
      48 W 55th St (btw 5th & 6th aves)
      (better for lunch than dinner, I think.)

      DB Bistro Moderne
      55 W 44th St (Btw 5th and 6th)
      is there, too, but probably out of your price range.

      or you could travel south to
      Les Halles
      411 Park Ave. S (between 28th & 29th)

      if you want Indian, it is also a short trip to "Curry Hill," the midtown Indian-resto district

      1. I <3 Bourdain and Les Halles could be fun.

        Is Curry Hill very authentic?

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          Bourdain no longer has anything to do with what's coming out of the kitchen at Les Halles on PAS, and what's coming out of the kitchen these days is quite mediocre. Additional reasons to avoid going there include poor service, seating that would make a sardine feel cramped, and a headache-inducing noise level. In a word: avoid!

        2. Its only going to be 3 people.

          I knew Bourdain wasn't in the kitchen anymore, but its really gone that far downhill? Thats a shame. I heard it was once a pretty reputable restaurant. But like I said, I have not kept tabs on the Manhattan Culinary Scene.

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            It still has lots of fans. I'm not one of them and stopped going there some time ago. Another Hound, dkstar1, whose opinion I trust, recently went there and wrote a scathing review of his experience. I tried searching for it on this board but can't find it. However, you can read it on his blog: http://www.bigapplediningguide.com/.

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              It does seem to have gone downhill. Thats a shame :-\

          2. I've been reading some and Park Bistro looks suggested.

            What about Indian food, any fancy upscale places?

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              Park Bistro's been a favorite for years though it's been a few months since we last had dinner there.

              As for upscale Indian, *the* place to go, in my view, is Devi. Superb cuisine and unusual, elegant decor.


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                There is a FANTASTIC new-ish Indian restaurant not too far from Rock Center. It's called Mint, it's on 50th between Lex and Third. There is another midtown stalwart called Bay Leaf on 56th between 5th and Madison that an Indian client used to take me to for lunch regularly, and I always enjoyed it. I understand it can be inconsistent.

                You had asked earlier if Curry Hill was authentic, and I wanted to point out that it's an area, and not a restaurant. On Lexington in the low-30's through the 20's, there is a whole stretch of Indian restaurants and grocery stores. It can be overwhelming knowing which one to go to, and I've never really hit the mark down there. Copper Chimney on E 28th seems to be popular, but I can't vouch for it personally. At all costs AVOID Curry in a Hurry, bad bad bad bad, bordering on awful, someone at work recommended it and now I have serious doubts as to whether this person is a friend...should have known from the name.

              2. Someone earlier had recommended La Bonne Soupe, and that is an excellent, basic French bistro. The first time I ate there was in 1988, the next time on a high school French field trip in 1990. It's a ROCK of a French bistro, and I mean that in a very good way. When someone says "bistro" to me, that's the first place that comes to mind...next is a little spot on Houston, the name of which I can never remember.

                1. Ok so look into Mint, Park Bistro, and La Bonne Soupe.

                  Thanks a ton guys.

                  I'm afraid I've been bitten by the foodie bug as well :-\

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                    For traditional, extremely solid, delicious French bistro fare, you should definitely go to La Petite Auberge. It's been in the same Lexington Av. location for nearly 30 years (well before that stretch became "Curry Hill"). The interior has decor that reminds one of a little inn in Brittany, which is where the owners came from. One of them is always on the premises, making sure that everything runs smoothly.


                    We've been to the Indian restaurant Copper Chimney (mentioned above) twice. Some of the dishes we had were quite good, others mediocre. Doesn't hold a proverbial candle to Devi.

                  2. I apologize, I missed the Devi suggestions. I'll add that to the list, alogn with La Petite Auberge.