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Dec 5, 2006 11:20 PM

Fish market in Vancouver?

I recently moved to Vancouver and am enjoying the return to the west coast and great fish. I am looking for new fish markets and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I live in Kitsilano and am happy to drive a ways. I have been shopping at 7 seas on W. 4th, but am wondering if there is more out there.

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  1. Head to Granville Island. At least 3 locations in the market.
    VERY fresh. Great variety too.

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      There is a Japanese fish market that sells very fresh fish. SAKANAYA SEAFOODS (604) 261-7717 8435 Granville St. Head south on Granville - it is on the right hand side just before the safeway.

    2. There is one up at Oakridge Mall right near the library and Kins Farm Market. Can't remember the name..

      1. T&T Supermarket @ the edge of Chinatown is well run and has some excellent specials on Seafood.

        A new player in the market is
        Finest at Sea
        4675 Arbutus Street

        I've had excellent product/service at both the Oakridge store-can't remember the name either-and Sakanaya.

        1. There's a great seafood market in East Vancouver, located on Rupert Street and E. 22nd Ave (across the street from 7-11) called Rupert Fish Market. It specializes in European fish (like Bacalhau) along with a great selection of fresh West Coast seafood (clams, salmon, prawns, and huge crabs, etc ...). They also have a bunch of freezers where you can get fish cut for sushi, lobster tails, and smoked fish. 604-435-6660.

          1. I also live in Kits and make a weekly pilgrimage to Granville Island for fresh seafood. The Lobster Man is the best place for shellfish that I have found in BC. I also go to the dock to pick up salmon if I am ever entertaining a large group (steamed whole salmon is easy but dramatic). Oh, it also gives me an excuse to have some fish and Chips at Go Fish.....