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Fish market in Vancouver?

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I recently moved to Vancouver and am enjoying the return to the west coast and great fish. I am looking for new fish markets and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I live in Kitsilano and am happy to drive a ways. I have been shopping at 7 seas on W. 4th, but am wondering if there is more out there.

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  1. Head to Granville Island. At least 3 locations in the market.
    VERY fresh. Great variety too.

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      There is a Japanese fish market that sells very fresh fish. SAKANAYA SEAFOODS (604) 261-7717 8435 Granville St. Head south on Granville - it is on the right hand side just before the safeway.

    2. There is one up at Oakridge Mall right near the library and Kins Farm Market. Can't remember the name..

      1. T&T Supermarket @ the edge of Chinatown is well run and has some excellent specials on Seafood.

        A new player in the market is
        Finest at Sea
        4675 Arbutus Street

        I've had excellent product/service at both the Oakridge store-can't remember the name either-and Sakanaya.

        1. There's a great seafood market in East Vancouver, located on Rupert Street and E. 22nd Ave (across the street from 7-11) called Rupert Fish Market. It specializes in European fish (like Bacalhau) along with a great selection of fresh West Coast seafood (clams, salmon, prawns, and huge crabs, etc ...). They also have a bunch of freezers where you can get fish cut for sushi, lobster tails, and smoked fish. 604-435-6660.

          1. I also live in Kits and make a weekly pilgrimage to Granville Island for fresh seafood. The Lobster Man is the best place for shellfish that I have found in BC. I also go to the dock to pick up salmon if I am ever entertaining a large group (steamed whole salmon is easy but dramatic). Oh, it also gives me an excuse to have some fish and Chips at Go Fish.....

            1. Don't forget about The Crab Shack on the Dollarton Highway in North Van. Take Marine Dr. past the highway and keep going 1 KM or exit Hwy 1 either just before (southbound) or just after (northbound) the 2nd Narrows bridge. It's an old concrete bunker of a building surrounded by gravel with a blacksmith shop next door.
              This is the place for fresh Dungeness crab, lobster, halibut and salmon. They smoke their own salmon (cold or hot smoked) and sell fresh cooked, shelled lump Dungeness crab meat for a great price.
              They have high quality Alaskan King Crab in the freezer and fresh or frozen Crab, Salmon and Halibut cakes. The crab cakes are amazing.
              They also cook-up, on-the-spot, the best fish and chips in the City. Salmon, Cod and Halibut. I've frequently placed my order, watched as the staff slices a steak off a halibut loin that was swimming with the rest of the fish the day before, only to see it battered and perfectly cooked and served with perfect fries and homemade tartar sauce.
              Da Cook

              1. Try Seven Seas on W 4th across from the Safeway