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Dec 5, 2006 11:19 PM

Nanaimo bars and other Christmas baked goods

Where can I buy awesome Nanaimo bars? Too many other goodies to bake, I'm hoping to buy a few to save time. Also any other favourites that fellow chowhounds have to have for Christmas?

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  1. Probably too far from you, but I was at Room for Desserts in Dundas (part of Hamilton) on Sat & they had an amazing selection of various bars, squares and Christmas cookies. They were really well-priced and very nice looking. We tried a couple of things and they were excellent. Everything is from scratch & really good.

    1. probably not made from scratch

      but Costco sells a box for 7 or so dollars

      1. try Wholefoods.
        they carry some wholesome (and not overly sweet) biscuits and butter tarts. i do recall sseing some nainaimo bars.

        an indespensable item for us is the pistachio buche from dufflet. very addicting.